Monday, September 02, 2013

Manifestation Experiments -- Week One

I'm reading a book about manifestation lately ( E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality ). You know, "The Secret", Abraham Hicks, the believe-you-can-create-anything-and-it-is-so belief system? Paul and I see this work in our favor so often in many aspects of our lives that we can't ignore it but we also can't help but notice that there are times (or perhaps mindsets) that interfere with the best of these kind of intentions! I'm being a bit facetious but I'll get to that in a minute.

Anyway, the book is designed to set up a series of experiments where you test for yourself whether these theories actually work and record the results. I LOVE doing experiments. You'd be surprised how into the scientific method this spiritual counselor/healer/artist type can be! I didn't make and sell flower essence products until I had experimented and recorded the results multiple times on myself and that wasn't good enough until I experimented on my cat. You know, maybe with me the good results were just a placebo effect but the cat didn't know what I was doing so that's when I decided it actually worked. But I still didn't sell any of my formulas until I tested them on my co-workers at the time and anyone else game to participate. Some formulas didn't pass muster—I don't sell those. But I do sell the rest. You know where to find those by now, don't you?

I've only done three experiments so far with sometimes okay, sometimes terrible, sometimes amazing results. A few experiments I did more than once so even though I haven't worked my way even halfway through the book I'm already starting to wonder about certain factors that may come into play.

For example, how much you care about the results: does that enhance manifestation? Well, perhaps yes. In the book I was to do an experiment where I notice how deciding to notice something made me notice that very thing much more. The example offered was to manifest noticing of beige cars. Are you kidding me? Do you know how many beige cars there are on the road? My car is greyish-beige. I've probably accumulated many hours of searching for it in parking lots because there are so many just like it anywhere I go. Hell no, I'm not doing this experiment -- Manifestation Project FAIL.

So, their second example was yellow butterflies and purple feathers. Oh dear God, there are yellow and black swallowtail butterflies in the area right now so, big deal, sure I'll see more of them. . . if I venture outside the apartment in 95ºF temperatures and up. And purple feathers? I don't care about purple feathers but, okay, I'll notice if I see any yellow butterflies and purple feathers when I go to school or by mistake on the internet or whatever. I'm not expecting much here. But did I mention that I don't care?

What I do care about, though, is what I've been going back to school to learn more about: digital photography manipulation and multimedia, particularly website design. And I do care about what will come of going back to school. So school-related things are what's capturing my attention. And what comes into my email inbox unbidden? Articles by Seth Godin about what makes for good website design. And what comes unbidden into my Facebook feed? Really cool links to digital photography featuring some awesome photo manipulation. And, subsequently, a conversation with Paul about a person on his Facebook list who does photo manipulation and, subsequently, me deciding to visit her website. And what do I find there without very much looking? Images with yellow butterflies, here and here and here and here and a few other places, too, but I can't find them right now. I haven't found any purple feathers, though, but there is a billboard on the way to school for Feather Falls Casino that features a gold feather on a purple background. Does that count?

So what else has come about? Well, the very first experiment was to ask the universe for a surprise, something you would not expect and too significant to pass off as mere coincidence. The time limit was 48 hours but the surprise could manifest instantly. The idea was to record what happened in 48 hours. In 24 hours I had a weird repeating dream that kept waking me up about a link in my email inbox that I needed to know about, but in the dream when I didn't open it right away the link disappeared. This was disturbing because when I have repeating dreams they always have a message for me. I made sure to open my email right away when I finally got up that morning and, sure enough, there was an email from the Feds about what was awarded to me as a student loan and in the email in BOLD CAPITALIZED TYPE was a notice to check the link provided right away because the information was only going to be available for a short time! Here's the surprise: Butte College had told me I was eligible for less of a student loan than I really needed and had said I might get less than that. I was fretting about this because I hate the idea of being worried about paying bills and forced to work more hours than is healthy while trying to keep up with school assignments. I did ask for more on Paul's recommendation but I really did not expect any more than the full amount they said was the most they'd authorize. I was wrong. The surprise was that I did get more -- exactly the amount I feel like I need, maybe with a little wiggle room besides. (This is good because I wound up dropping one of my classes so I don't really know if I'll get the full amount after all... but, like I said, there was wiggle room!) I'd call that an excellent manifestation.

Here's the most recent one and an interesting development besides. Since our sweet cat Chloe died Paul and I have been deciding about when to get another pet or maybe more than one. We both immediately assumed we'd get more cats but for some reason small lap dogs have been capturing my attention. When Paul and I were in Arizona I fell in love with a tiny Maltese or Maltese mix who was wandering the streets away from home. She was SO friendly and cute and affectionate. When I bent over to pet her she leaped into my arms and immediately snuggled in as if to stay! We had a nice adventure discovering where the dog lived and brought her back only to discover many months later that her owner was an elderly woman with severe dementia who moved away and left the dog in the care of other people. Those people neglected and perhaps abused her. We met the dog on the same road, filthy and frightened. She ran from us when we bent to pet her and looked thin and horrific. I haven't been able to get that sweet creature out of my mind ever since.

If I ever get a dog that is the kind of dog I think I'd want. I was thinking about that on my day job one day recently and immediately in walked a man with two Maltipoos (an adorable cross between a Maltese and a toy poodle). He told me a lot about caring for them but highly recommended I get two or raise one with a cat because they hate to be left alone and having an animal companion helps quite a bit. This weekend the urge to find a new pet came up again so I looked on Craigslist. I didn't expect to find a Maltese or a Maltese mix but I not only found one, I found someone giving away two who had to be adopted together. They were Morkies (a Maltese and Yorkshire terrier mix) and they looked exactly like the little dog in Arizona.

But this is where "manifestation" gets interesting. Did I manifest my heart's delight? On the surface I did and I was very excited to tell Paul about it when he got up in the morning. But something didn't feel quite right. Why would these people give away two sweet dogs they supposedly had had for five years? Paul said maybe they had a behavior problem. So we talked about our requirements. We have clients come to the house so our #1 requirement is a dog who will not bark and frighten our clients. We also need a pet who is easy to train (Morkies are not) and do not need a yard to poop in because we don't have one. We don't mind walking a pet -- in fact I look forward to it -- but a pet that needs to be let out several times a day can't easily work for us. I wrote to the pet owner and, indeed, there was a behavior problem. They do bark at anyone who comes in, have only been house-trained to using an enclosed yard, and have never been leash-trained or even trained to wear a collar at all. Not a good enough fit.

A near miss? Or a perfect hit based on the information I had when I put the manifestation game in play? I'm going to call it the second. . . but that leads to more manifestation concerns. The mighty sage Mic Jagger is famous for singing "You can't always get what you want, but you get what you need." hmmm. I think I would want a tiny Maltese or Maltese mix because of my experience with (and guilt about) the one I met in Arizona. But I need a pet that's more like a cat who can use a litter box and will never bark and doesn't need your undivided attention 24/7 like a Maltese would prefer, regardless of what I think. Sometimes you give a manifestation back. I have two really nice stools we manifested for free outside the apartment dumpster when I thought we'd be moving somewhere where they'd come in handy. But I have no good use for them anymore so I need to give them back to the dumpster goddess right now. Perhaps someone actually wanting to use the kitchen counter as a place to hang out around instead of as art studio space could actually use them! (I filled my overhanging counter area with a free dumpster goddess bookcase and filled it with art supplies instead.)

So that's a bit about how manifestation works. I'll be reporting on more of my manifestation experiments as time goes on.

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