Friday, September 13, 2013

The Libra Guide to Organization

Or disorganization, as the case may be.

Case in point: Paul and I do most of our spiritual counseling sessions by phone or Skype video but tomorrow we have an in-person session at our house. Which means we are cleaning house! Or one of us is. The Libra in charge (partially) is taking a blog-writing break because she is recovering from severe anemia and gets tired easily. Although I will admit that my Libran tendency to shirk housework and be lazy isn't too unhappy about having a good excuse right now. To my credit, I cleaned up MY mess before taking a break. And, honestly, my mess was the worst this time around.

You see, like always, I'm constantly juggling several things at once: art, business, school, day job work. And all of those things, plus the junk (or maybe not junk) mail I receive every day generates paper. And each piece of paper represents the most dreaded thing to a Libra of all -- a decision to be made. Keep or throw away? And if I keep it where will I put it where I will be able to find it again? And if I don't have a ready-made place to put it, there's another set of decisions to be made: should it be put in a file folder and put in a filing cabinet? Where are the file folders now? Should information about my student loans be filed under "school" or "finances"? Should this piece of paper I actually might need to take action on be filed at all? (Probably not.) And, oh yeah, the filing cabinet... that has never found a suitable place to live so it's in the storage room with a crazy amount of stuff -- some of which needs to be filed -- sitting on top!

So that is why the living room gets messed up in the first place. "I don't want to make a decision about this right now," I think. "I'll just make a nice neat pile right here on the edge of the coffee table to remind me to do it later." "Oh wait, this piece of paper will surely get lost if I put it in with these other pieces of paper. I'll start a second pile." And then a third. And then I think "I'll just lay this fourth pile crossways over the first two piles to 'keep them separated.' Yeah, that'll work."

Until the time comes when we have an in-person session. (Luckily, not too many weeks go by before that happens!) So I finally sit down and go through all the items I deferred judgment on one by one.

Yippee! This whole stack is now obsolete! Yay! They don't have to be filed at all and no action has to be taken except to throw it all away. See! My Libran approach to organization WORKS. Virgos are tearing their hair out right now. Because I've just received my version of positive reinforcement for a behavior that doesn't work at all! In true Libran fashion I live with a big mess then rush around with Paul making it perfectly clean whenever someone comes to visit. There is not a speck of the previous mess to be seen in the living room now. It is SO nice! Librans actually LIKE things neat and tidy and beautiful. I always say I'm going to turn over a new leaf and keep it that way and actually do keep it that way for days, sometimes weeks or even a month at a time. Until the time comes -- and it only take one time -- when I don't know what to do right away with something that comes into the house when I'm feeling tired or overwhelmed.

And then it begins again.

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