Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Veterinarians Take Note! (Flower Essence Healing Formulas for Pets)

I have five new flower essence sprays in my Mama Love shop for pets (that can be used by people, too)!

Happier Indoor Living
This is a great formula for pets who used to have access to the outside but no longer do. Did you change your mind about allowing your cat outside? Or move to an upstairs apartment? A neighborhood with a too busy street? Or does your pet have an injury or illness that requires being kept inside? Whatever the reason, if your pet is acting listless and bored, perhaps depressed because of their confinement, give this formula a try!

Recovering from Grief and Loss
Have you adopted a pet who was abandoned or given away or left behind after the death of their person? This formula is designed to help heal broken-heartedness, fear and grief, and to have courage when it feels like all is lost. And yes, if this sounds like something you can use for yourself, please do!

Getting Along with Others
Okay, you brought home a new playmate for your "lonely" cat or dog and -- oops! -- all hell has broken loose! Don't fear. They just a need a little help with their rampant insecurity. And perhaps other family members need help with this transition, too! Use this one together or at least on the unhappy furry ones.

Healthy Bonding
More new homing blues? Imagine being in a brand new home you had no choice about, with new people, new surroundings, and no understanding about what is occurring. Some pets adjust quickly but many need a little help. If your newest furry family member runs or cowers when you try to pet them give this one a try!

Healing Aggression
it occurs to me as I'm writing this blog post that every formula I've just introduced is especially applicable for pets you just brought home or have moved into a new situation with. If your pet is reacting aggressively there's usually a reason. First check with your vet -- they could be sick or in pain. But if fright, overwhelm and feeling like they need to over-aggressively defend their space is  part of the issue this formula might help.

Animal shelters or pet shops as well as veterinarian clinics might consider sending new pet owners home with formulas like these. Contact me to learn about buying my products wholesale.

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