Friday, October 18, 2013

Healing Projects Using Flower Essences

Have you ever created a "healing project" for yourself using flower essences? This is a subject near and dear to me because it is my amazing successes with several of such projects that convinced me to make it easier for other people to benefit from flower essences, too.

Early in my training—before I had even had much luck using them for myself— I gave flower essences to my cat Chloe on my vet's advice. The transformation was beyond obvious. When I brought her home from the animal shelter she was terrified to be touched. But when I gave her Mariposa Lily she reacted positively within minutes and let me pet her as long as she was safe in the box she had adopted as her cat bed. Within a week she started to initiate cuddling with me in my bed. And in a month other changes occurred: she was regularly cuddling with me now but the biggest surprise was the state of her health. She came home from the animal shelter with a cough and that disappeared. Not only that, her fur which had been greasy and full of dandruff became beautiful, soft and clean (without me traumatizing her more by bathing her).

Then I did a dramatic test in my own life. I chose what I assumed would be a difficult issue: shyness and Christmas-time depression. You can read the full story elsewhere on my blog but the results were sweet. I went from dreading Christmas to delightfully joining in without any decision or forethought beyond trying flower essences for the purpose. I just woke up one day, about a month after I started the project, and had a new thought about the holiday: I was brought up Jewish but why don't I shop for a Christmas gift for one of my friends and decorate my house with purple decorations instead of red and green and play along? I almost talked myself out of it but the feeling was strong so I gave in and found myself singing along to the piped in holiday music and chatting happily with other shoppers—two things I thought I would never do.

Since then I have done numerous successful experiments and can share some tips for people wanting to embark on a flower essence healing journey of their own.

1. First of all, it is important to get very familiar with flower essences, trust your intuition, choose between 1-5 flower essences or use a premixed formula that seems to fit, or ask for help choosing. If you want me to briefly check my intuition (for free) to help you choose one of my premixed formulas you could send me an email and tell me the one issue you most want to focus on. If that's not clear or you have more than one issue that seem to intersect, or you need a custom formula that's not on my list I offer hour long flower essence consultations to help you along. I also offer less expensive custom formulas without an hour-long consultation on that same page.

2. Try to choose one issue to focus on if at all possible but, if you want to work on more than one, separate when you take the formulas or when you use  my oils or sprays. For example, I often work on more than one issue by applying one of my oils when I get out of the shower in the morning and a different formula later in the day. I might even work on a third issue (insomnia, for example) by using a third formula just before going to bed at night.

3. Use the formula every day at close to the same time(s). The formulas should be used at least once a day but 2-3 times a day (or more in acute situations like panic) is recommended. I find getting into a habit of using my essences with every meal works well or once in the morning when I do my morning bathroom routine and once at night during the evening routine. Create whatever routine is easiest.

4. Don't give up on them if you don't feel results immediately! Don't give up on them if you don't feel results immediately! Don't give up on them if you don't feel results immediately! I feel like I can't say this enough. I respond immediately and viscerally to many of my formulas when I most need them so in the past I might have been tempted to say that if you need them that's the way they will work for you. Well, it's not true! I'm a sensitive creature but even I have found that continuing to use a formula that might not seem to be immediately working is often the most important thing to do. In acute situations you might have an immediate set of reactions but for longer-standing issues—ones you've become accustomed to, for instance, or ones you've lived with for many years—you might not notice your feelings dramatically shift right away. Or you might have an immediate reaction and then feel like the formula "stops working". Keep with it! The rule of thumb is at least one month. Some issues seem to take two months or three.

For example, my Mama Love for PMS, Postpartum and Menopause Support is one I'm using right now. I know from past experience with PMS that this one needs to be used regularly for up to two months. (Some people say three before the condition stabilizes and they don't need it anymore.) But menopause is kicking my ass and I've been SO focused on the physical manifestations that I had been neglecting to use this formula I more commonly associate with emotional mood swings. "I'm not just dealing with MOOD SWINGS and I don't want to wait two months for this formula to work!" I'd tantrum in my most mood-swingy way. But after months of not enough improvement without it I added it to my new routines of doctor-prescribed iron and prenatal vitamins, rest and good decisions about what I choose to do with my life. And this combination of things is finally doing me a significant amount of good. Given that I'm doing so much at once I can't say how much my formula is affecting me on its own but I do know one thing. Even though I don't always notice a dramatic difference when I use it, when I forget to use it my body seems to long for that formula. I feel like I'm pining for it until I use it and then I feel at ease and good again. After three years of intense menopausal disruption, if it takes a couple of months or more to stabilize doing this new routine, that's okay with me.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Herbs from the Labyrinth

A special shout-out to Sarah Preston at Herbs from the Labyrinth for making the Vitex (Chaste Tree) flower essence I use in two of my favorite products: Mama Love for Doing New Things with Confidence and Mama Love for PMS, Postpartum and Menopause Support. I was making up a new batch of Doing New Things and realized I never thanked her! Sarah is a community herbalist in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has a special place I would LOVE to see in person some day. She offers some wonderful-looking classes and events as well as a lovely array of products of her own. Check out her website! It has a really nice feel about it.

Vitex flower essence is for emotional balance. As an herb it is quite traditional for women's reproductive issues. It helps regulate hormones and is often used for PMS, menopause and postpartum support. But I also think it's helpful in situations where we are experiencing great change in our lives in general and need help to stay centered through the transition which is why I use it in the Doing New Things formula. It's very hard to come by, though, in flower essence form so I'm actually quite grateful that Sarah makes it available.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Why Healing Sometimes Reverses and What to Do About It

From time to time I do healing experiments with flower essences and other modalities that are mind-blowingly effective. On this blog I've shared stories of working with myself and my cat. In many cases long time issues appeared to heal themselves for good. It's always gratifying to write about that. . . but what about the times when symptoms return or come back in an even worse form?

It happens. Not often but it has happened for me and even my cat. For example now, years after the first healing I linked to above, I'm revisiting the same symptoms again and I truly thought they were gone for good. So what's going on? Did the healing "wear off"?

No. What's happening from my perspective is that things can happen that shake up a person's worldview and old memories and the messages attached to those memories get reignited. In the link above I write in detail about parental beliefs that I took in. I was writing about my mom's intense fear for my well-being but today I realize both parents worked hand-in-hand in that regard. Many of us lived with people who only wanted the best for us and inadvertently filled our heads with fears about taking risks and going after our hopes and dreams (even if they really hope we will). And who could blame them? After all, my parents' generation went through the Great Depression and a World War! They wanted us to be safe and not to have to go through the worst of what they experienced or witnessed. So when I got the message to go into a safe profession and stay there it really wasn't their fault. It's just what an entire generation and the one they raised believe in now.

After going through a Great Recession crash myself I very much used their advice as a crutch. "Get a job! Get any job! Stop holding out for what you want-- you can't afford it! Your finances are gone!" And so, with great shame and humility, I wound up working at a retail store in the worst job I ever have had in my life. Poor pay, no benefits, sometimes miserable working conditions, a $%^@ of a boss. And the physical symptoms I was experiencing before came back only worse.

Sometimes experiences come into our lives to take us further in our development. Sometimes other people make choices that impact us. For example, the choices I used to make in my life around employment tended to be okay. I took risks to be self-employed at times but I never had a hard time finding regular work I was well suited for when I needed it. I never really had to settle for a miserable job for even a few weeks. There was always something better. . .  until the banking industry and various corporate entities made choices that crashed the economy. My hair is grey now. And Paul and I aren't living in a big city or near one where jobs are more plentiful. And my resume says I've taken time out to do spiritual counseling and healing work for 8 years. Add it all up and the odds of finding a normal but decent job in recent times have not been real good.

Just like that, it's possible to fall into a maelstrom that tests one's resolve. It's easy to think "Oh damn, my parents were right. I never should have let go of that really boring but well-paid and dependable job with great benefits I once had." I don't blame myself for not anticipating the changes in our world. But just because I never saw a recession like this in my lifetime doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Didn't my parents warn me about this? "I should have known better than to act so cavalier." And even though I know better than to blame myself so much and even though the mean-spirited condemnation-laden political message we're being served from conservatives around Obamacare and minimum wage, etc. makes me angry. . .  it's also hard not to take a little bit of it in.  I mentioned the shame I felt at taking a retail job: "You can do better than that!" "If you can't pay for health insurance now it's your own damn fault!" etc., etc. Have you ever had thoughts like that? I fight those thoughts. . . but they're in there.

So, there are times when old healing issues return to be addressed again. In my case: "you think you just have to believe in a positive reality, walk in the direction of your dreams, and see them all come true? Easy to do when jobs are plentiful! But what are you going to believe in now?"

The call is then to take your healing to a deeper level. What are the messages you really need to believe for your highest well-being and your real health and well-being as human on the planet now?

Was the old healing good enough? On some level it was: I needed to address my fear of change and I needed to feel nurtured and safe. But back then I was rejecting the messages from my youth. On some level that's good, too, but it's far better to accept the wisdom and truth in those messages along with knowing we are more than the fears they were draped in. We are more than fear-based creatures who think we are standing on the edge of a cliff. It's good to have money coming in from a miserable day job but no one has to settle for a life of poverty-laden drudgery (thanks, mom and dad, for telling me this). If we have actually fallen down the hillside a bit we can take a look around from where we are now, find out who is with us and who is in a better place who can pull us back up (the nurturing part —we are never alone) so we can more easily get to a better place ourselves.

In my case, I'm back in school to get my skill set updated. And my teachers are nurturing and a source of positive inspiration—yay! I'm still working at bringing our businesses back up and want to see them succeed. But now I understand the value of not taking risks that are too big for me to handle. That means I will probably continue to do additional employment until our financial base has stabilized. And I will take steps to put business plans and better choices back into place. It means being a little less out of step with parental wisdom. AND being willing to act on my choice for my life to be what I want. Being a little less opposed to more conservative points of view without taking on the mantle.