Sunday, October 06, 2013

Herbs from the Labyrinth

A special shout-out to Sarah Preston at Herbs from the Labyrinth for making the Vitex (Chaste Tree) flower essence I use in two of my favorite products: Mama Love for Doing New Things with Confidence and Mama Love for PMS, Postpartum and Menopause Support. I was making up a new batch of Doing New Things and realized I never thanked her! Sarah is a community herbalist in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has a special place I would LOVE to see in person some day. She offers some wonderful-looking classes and events as well as a lovely array of products of her own. Check out her website! It has a really nice feel about it.

Vitex flower essence is for emotional balance. As an herb it is quite traditional for women's reproductive issues. It helps regulate hormones and is often used for PMS, menopause and postpartum support. But I also think it's helpful in situations where we are experiencing great change in our lives in general and need help to stay centered through the transition which is why I use it in the Doing New Things formula. It's very hard to come by, though, in flower essence form so I'm actually quite grateful that Sarah makes it available.


Sarah said...

I'm glad you found me! I planted the Vitex in my garden about 20 years ago. It flowers profusely each summer and sets seed each fall. When it flowers, it releases is scent at dusk, also pointing to its affinity for transitions!

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you found me, and my essence! I planted the Vitex in my garden about 20 years ago. She flowers profusely each summer and sets seed each autumn. When the flowers a blooming, they release a rich aroma just at dusk, pointing to the affinity with transitions!