Friday, November 22, 2013

New Flower Mug Designs!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Angel's Trumpet Flower Essence

Angel's Trumpet
Surrender, Dorothy! Or at least let go of the reins. Sometimes we need to allow for new possibilities. At times of death and other major transformation (or what seems like one), there is always fear, a wanting to hold back. "No!" we say. "I'm not ready!" "I can't believe it's going to be alright to do this leap of faith, of transition. It's just too scary. What if I'm dead and there really is no afterlife? What if I've been wrong about this type of work—maybe I'm not cut out for it! What if this thing I've been pushing myself to do is all for nothing, it's all a mistake? What will I do then?"

It's terrifying for a person to think they might be throwing their life away! And for what? An afterlife of hell? Of course, these feelings didn't come from nowhere. We all make mistakes, want fervently for something that turns out to be a pile of bricks. More work, less fun, just a big mess and disappointment. Worse, we've been in dangerous situations. Walking on the wild side is not always fun! A lot of us know we've given up great situations to wind up in worse ones (especially in recessions). Some of us made bad bargains (for good reasons but bad is bad).

So fear, gripping fear is the reason for the Flower Essence of the Day—Angel's Trumpet. The angel in this illustration is calling for the dead to rise up once more. Death is seen as an entry into rebirth in many cultures or entry into a Promised Land (the afterlife) in many others. "Rise up! Rise up!" is the message in the Angel's Trumpet but not of your own free will alone. Surrender and follow Thy God.

As I write this post I feel weird. I grew up a Reform Jew and this way of thinking is foreign to that upbringing. If anything I got the message: "You're on your own—nobody is going to rescue you (without making your life misery). The God of the Jews (and fundamentalist Christians) can be angry and tyrannical. Trust God? Follow God? Oh, you have got to be kidding.

And that's part of the issue, too. In this life we don't have to run from misery to misery, dreading every change or transformation. Buddhists say the only constant in life IS change. And from their point of view, resisting change— grasping too tightly to what we think we possess— is the cause of the deepest suffering.

So Angel's Trumpet says let go of your resistance to these changes. Wake up from the entrancement of the status quo. Stop grasping the sides of your coffin while lying in a shallow grave. Let go and find out what lies ahead.

Monday, November 18, 2013

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cosmos -- for Integration

When a person is in a significant growth spurt emotionally, trying to make better choices, for example, there can be times when our psyche is flooded with more insight and information than can be processed at one time. In the every early days of our spiritual counseling practice we saw this with many of our first clients and learned to do far less in any given session in order to give clients a chance to integrate. This goes counter, of course, to what many of us think we need. We want our dearly wanted changes to come fast! So we push forward as fast as we can and can get overloaded.

Cosmos always strikes me as a flower that has a "head" (blossom) way too big for its spindly body (stem). They float in every breeze. And that's very good indication of the state a person who needs Cosmos gets into. Their heads are too full of new information to integrate. When they are called to explain their thinking they are unable to do so in a coherent manner. But the flower also brings to mind a satellite dish -- a big wide opening to catch as many frequencies it can and a transmitting wire that presents one channel at a time.  If your radio or TV transmitted every channel it can pick up at the same time all you would have is gibberish. But by narrowing the focus to one channel at a time you can make sense of what you're receiving and make use of it.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Chrysanthemum -- Flower Essence of the Day

Well, here is a flower essence I have never used but it is the one that came up when I dowsed for the Flower Essence of the Day. Chrysanthemum is often thought of as a Fall flower. Florists in the U.S. have designated it the flower for October. But I think of it as appropriate for this season for another reason. Just as Fall, for some, reminds people of death (falling leaves, longer nights, Halloween, the Day of the Dead), Chrysanthemum in many cultures is symbolic of death and grieving as well.

In the Flower Essence Repertory Chrysanthemum is recommended for people coping with fears about their own death and mortality. It's especially useful for people in the midst of a mid-life crisis or dealing with aging.

Some of us worry excessively about the potential death of  a loved one. We see them age, develop health issues, cope with a mid-life crisis of their own, and it reminds us of how fragile life on the physical plane can be. We want to grasp tightly to them. If we fear our own aging and death, we fear life itself.

Life is about being. Here. Now. In the present. Even if you don't believe the soul is immortal, fearing the future interferes with living fully grounded and present with today. At the worst it keeps us from enjoying our lives. "Don't eat that chocolate ice cream! It's bad for you!" "Watch out! Don't drive so fast!" "Be careful, don't take risks, don't ride that skateboard, don't ski, don't ride a bike, don't do anything that could lead to injury or worse."

From a Buddhist perspective, such grasping to life—grasping and clinging too tightly to anything— is the source of all suffering. While it is part of any creature's nature to try to survive, we miss out on the joy of being alive if we focus on what might maim or kill us too much. I think of wild mountain goats traversing the edge of the steepest cliff. You can't do that if you focus on your fear of falling more than on the adventure or need to travel that route. All life is transient. Becoming less attached to things and more at peace is the purpose of Chrysanthemum.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rest! The Flower Essence of the Day is Aloe Vera

Illustration for Aloe Vera Flower Essence
Well, that's appropriate. I decided to use Aloe Vera as part of a personal combination a few days ago and had been reluctant to do as much work lately, probably as a result. I had been burning the candle at both ends and have a slight tickle-cough I don't want to see progress. It's been hard to get myself to stop working and go to bed.

This is often true of me. I LIKE feeling energized and fret when the desire to do things goes away. I recognize that I also have a real need for rest and relaxation but in true Libra fashion I tend to swing from one end of the scale to the other. Lately, the scales have been tipped way too far out of balance.

Aloe Vera is a desert plant. It lives where it is hot and dry and it has a vigorous kind of way of being. But if you break off a piece the first thing you notice is its cooling gel-like inner core. So soothing if you have a sunburn! And that's a great indication of what the flower essence can do —provide a balance for someone on the edge of burning out. It's great to have an inner fire to get things done but if the fire burns too fiercely it wears you out.

Aloe Vera does not stop the the creative fires from burning. On the contrary, it simply moderates the energies and balances it with the ability to feel and be a little bit more. So that when my spirit says "Time to go to bed, Sheryl!" I might notice that I'm actually tired and resist the urge to to push on "just a little more."

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Flower Essence of the Day-- Zinnia!

It's fun to be alive! It's fun to be a kid just exploring life and having a good time. It's great to be less serious. Work hard? Yeah, but with a sense of inventiveness and adventure. It's all about joy. I saw an ad posted on Facebook today that expresses it well. (Yeah, it's an ad, inner critic. Big deal. It had a fun story to tell. I'm sharing it anyway. So, lighten up!)

Bread? Why bread? It ought to be about Zinnia. For remembering and tapping into the joyful state of the unbridled inner child.

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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Saint John's Wort Flower Essence for Light-Filled Existence

© JJ Harrison (
The Flower of the Day experiment continues. I dowsed for the flower most suitable for dealing with the turning of the light, the season we've just entered of shortening days and longer darker nights. For some people that leads to longer-lasting darker thoughts. Scorpio energy. Which can also be transformative energy when used wisely.

Dark thoughts can lead to light. Only, however, through intention. Someone wrote last night, "I feel lost." I have felt the same way at times. So do we all. And if we feel lost way too long we can give up in despair. Things go wrong.  Earthquakes occur, businesses fail, people make mistakes. Recessions can create huge setbacks; wars even worse. Let's not talk about climate change and global catastrophes -- then I'll really get overwhelmed! Sometimes you need to descend into the dark in order to get to a new place, to recover, let go of the reins, regroup. Like Persephone who was abducted by Hades and dragged into the underworld, sometimes we have no choice but to descend into the depths. But there's a promise in that metaphor. Like seeds that are buried in the ground, held in the dark while waiting for the warmth and rain of Spring, a time of waiting, of developing, of rest and rebirth is a necessary part of the cycle of life. In the mythology Persephone had to be returned to the surface so that life as we know it would not permanently fade away. And so it is with us. Terrible events can "abduct" us and take us away. But the light returns and we can return again and again.

The Flower of the Day then is Saint John's Wort. As an herb it is used for many types of depression. In the Flower Essence world we look at it the same way but from a more spiritually-rooted perspective. When you feel depressed you feel deeply pressed -- hopeless, bound up, almost immobilized. "My life is a mess!" we say. "I'll never get out of this place. Nothing appeals to me. When I do think of something I assume it can't be done, at least here, now, in 'enough time', by someone 'like me', someone in my particular predicament, age group, [put some limiting belief here]." Some of it's true. In today's world we can't all be professional basketball players, for instance.  With today's cultural conventions, if you're a certain age or never grew taller than 4'10" that ship hasn't sailed, it never even came into your harbor. So, yeah, sometimes we have to respect certain limitations if we can't or don't want to challenge the status quo BUT we can practice basketball at the gym with our friends or play some other sport, find another thing we love to do.

We need to be grounded and work with the physical reality of our lives to find the places we can flourish. We also need light in the sense of being awakened to the possibilities that exist, to be able to see the paths available to us. "Light our way when the darkness surrounds us, give us love, let it shine all around us." Karen Carpenter's voice singing comes into my consciousness although her song "Bless the Beasts and the Children" (see below) was written in the third person ("Light their way", etc.) That's what Saint John's Wort flower essence is for—that and being better able to assimilate light as in cases where someone is overly sensitive to heat or sunlight or, conversely, light-deprived because of latitude or Seasonal Affective Disorder. It helps brings forward a feeling of being protected by the light within. We need light in our hearts in order to thrive.

I can make a custom flower essence spray or dropper bottle for you that includes Saint John's Wort.
I also have other products that can help a person with troubled thoughts: Renewed Faith & Optimism, Support for Troubled Times, Restful Sleep, to name just a few.

And, by the way, there is this spiritual counseling thing Paul and I do that can also help. We don't deal with clinical depression as we're not licensed clinical counselors but sometimes guidance from a spiritual perspective can make all the difference.

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Friday, November 08, 2013

Corn Flower Essence -- Stand Tall!

I sometimes use the Flower Essence Repertory as a guide for my life by employing a type of dowsing technique. I hold a question in my heart and dowse for the flower essence that will guide me to what I need to understand. It works every time so I thought I'd share my "flower of the day" from time to time with you!

The message in the flowers today is Corn. I need to deal with messed up bureaucracy today and I am mad. Who do I have to kill about this? Okay, I can't kill anybody and I know you catch more flies with honey but the people involved have freaked me out. I keep running through various scenarios in my head and all of them involve what it's going to take for me to make them do their job right. And I hate having to stand up for myself. That's the real problem. Anger is almost always the result of fear going overboard.

Where is my inner strength? Where is my determination? Why do I need to shift into bully mode or at least freak-out mode to access it? It's because I lost my grounding in this. Am I safe? No, not if I do nothing. But will I be safe if I go into the office fighting mad? Not if I piss these guys off!

So Corn is the flower essence I drew today. Corn for the ability to be grounded and stand tall despite the stress and strain of dealing with modern bureaucracy and the people locked into it. Like a Corn plant dealing with the stress of being squeezed into too small a space due to modern farming methods -- somehow they adapt and thrive despite the situation. And so can I.

By the way, I use Corn in my "Doing New Things with Confidence" flower essence formulas. I guess that's the one I'll be using today!

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