Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Angel's Trumpet Flower Essence

Angel's Trumpet
Surrender, Dorothy! Or at least let go of the reins. Sometimes we need to allow for new possibilities. At times of death and other major transformation (or what seems like one), there is always fear, a wanting to hold back. "No!" we say. "I'm not ready!" "I can't believe it's going to be alright to do this leap of faith, of transition. It's just too scary. What if I'm dead and there really is no afterlife? What if I've been wrong about this type of work—maybe I'm not cut out for it! What if this thing I've been pushing myself to do is all for nothing, it's all a mistake? What will I do then?"

It's terrifying for a person to think they might be throwing their life away! And for what? An afterlife of hell? Of course, these feelings didn't come from nowhere. We all make mistakes, want fervently for something that turns out to be a pile of bricks. More work, less fun, just a big mess and disappointment. Worse, we've been in dangerous situations. Walking on the wild side is not always fun! A lot of us know we've given up great situations to wind up in worse ones (especially in recessions). Some of us made bad bargains (for good reasons but bad is bad).

So fear, gripping fear is the reason for the Flower Essence of the Day—Angel's Trumpet. The angel in this illustration is calling for the dead to rise up once more. Death is seen as an entry into rebirth in many cultures or entry into a Promised Land (the afterlife) in many others. "Rise up! Rise up!" is the message in the Angel's Trumpet but not of your own free will alone. Surrender and follow Thy God.

As I write this post I feel weird. I grew up a Reform Jew and this way of thinking is foreign to that upbringing. If anything I got the message: "You're on your own—nobody is going to rescue you (without making your life misery). The God of the Jews (and fundamentalist Christians) can be angry and tyrannical. Trust God? Follow God? Oh, you have got to be kidding.

And that's part of the issue, too. In this life we don't have to run from misery to misery, dreading every change or transformation. Buddhists say the only constant in life IS change. And from their point of view, resisting change— grasping too tightly to what we think we possess— is the cause of the deepest suffering.

So Angel's Trumpet says let go of your resistance to these changes. Wake up from the entrancement of the status quo. Stop grasping the sides of your coffin while lying in a shallow grave. Let go and find out what lies ahead.

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