Friday, November 08, 2013

Corn Flower Essence -- Stand Tall!

I sometimes use the Flower Essence Repertory as a guide for my life by employing a type of dowsing technique. I hold a question in my heart and dowse for the flower essence that will guide me to what I need to understand. It works every time so I thought I'd share my "flower of the day" from time to time with you!

The message in the flowers today is Corn. I need to deal with messed up bureaucracy today and I am mad. Who do I have to kill about this? Okay, I can't kill anybody and I know you catch more flies with honey but the people involved have freaked me out. I keep running through various scenarios in my head and all of them involve what it's going to take for me to make them do their job right. And I hate having to stand up for myself. That's the real problem. Anger is almost always the result of fear going overboard.

Where is my inner strength? Where is my determination? Why do I need to shift into bully mode or at least freak-out mode to access it? It's because I lost my grounding in this. Am I safe? No, not if I do nothing. But will I be safe if I go into the office fighting mad? Not if I piss these guys off!

So Corn is the flower essence I drew today. Corn for the ability to be grounded and stand tall despite the stress and strain of dealing with modern bureaucracy and the people locked into it. Like a Corn plant dealing with the stress of being squeezed into too small a space due to modern farming methods -- somehow they adapt and thrive despite the situation. And so can I.

By the way, I use Corn in my "Doing New Things with Confidence" flower essence formulas. I guess that's the one I'll be using today!

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