Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cosmos -- for Integration

When a person is in a significant growth spurt emotionally, trying to make better choices, for example, there can be times when our psyche is flooded with more insight and information than can be processed at one time. In the every early days of our spiritual counseling practice we saw this with many of our first clients and learned to do far less in any given session in order to give clients a chance to integrate. This goes counter, of course, to what many of us think we need. We want our dearly wanted changes to come fast! So we push forward as fast as we can and can get overloaded.

Cosmos always strikes me as a flower that has a "head" (blossom) way too big for its spindly body (stem). They float in every breeze. And that's very good indication of the state a person who needs Cosmos gets into. Their heads are too full of new information to integrate. When they are called to explain their thinking they are unable to do so in a coherent manner. But the flower also brings to mind a satellite dish -- a big wide opening to catch as many frequencies it can and a transmitting wire that presents one channel at a time.  If your radio or TV transmitted every channel it can pick up at the same time all you would have is gibberish. But by narrowing the focus to one channel at a time you can make sense of what you're receiving and make use of it.

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