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Saint John's Wort Flower Essence for Light-Filled Existence

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The Flower of the Day experiment continues. I dowsed for the flower most suitable for dealing with the turning of the light, the season we've just entered of shortening days and longer darker nights. For some people that leads to longer-lasting darker thoughts. Scorpio energy. Which can also be transformative energy when used wisely.

Dark thoughts can lead to light. Only, however, through intention. Someone wrote last night, "I feel lost." I have felt the same way at times. So do we all. And if we feel lost way too long we can give up in despair. Things go wrong.  Earthquakes occur, businesses fail, people make mistakes. Recessions can create huge setbacks; wars even worse. Let's not talk about climate change and global catastrophes -- then I'll really get overwhelmed! Sometimes you need to descend into the dark in order to get to a new place, to recover, let go of the reins, regroup. Like Persephone who was abducted by Hades and dragged into the underworld, sometimes we have no choice but to descend into the depths. But there's a promise in that metaphor. Like seeds that are buried in the ground, held in the dark while waiting for the warmth and rain of Spring, a time of waiting, of developing, of rest and rebirth is a necessary part of the cycle of life. In the mythology Persephone had to be returned to the surface so that life as we know it would not permanently fade away. And so it is with us. Terrible events can "abduct" us and take us away. But the light returns and we can return again and again.

The Flower of the Day then is Saint John's Wort. As an herb it is used for many types of depression. In the Flower Essence world we look at it the same way but from a more spiritually-rooted perspective. When you feel depressed you feel deeply pressed -- hopeless, bound up, almost immobilized. "My life is a mess!" we say. "I'll never get out of this place. Nothing appeals to me. When I do think of something I assume it can't be done, at least here, now, in 'enough time', by someone 'like me', someone in my particular predicament, age group, [put some limiting belief here]." Some of it's true. In today's world we can't all be professional basketball players, for instance.  With today's cultural conventions, if you're a certain age or never grew taller than 4'10" that ship hasn't sailed, it never even came into your harbor. So, yeah, sometimes we have to respect certain limitations if we can't or don't want to challenge the status quo BUT we can practice basketball at the gym with our friends or play some other sport, find another thing we love to do.

We need to be grounded and work with the physical reality of our lives to find the places we can flourish. We also need light in the sense of being awakened to the possibilities that exist, to be able to see the paths available to us. "Light our way when the darkness surrounds us, give us love, let it shine all around us." Karen Carpenter's voice singing comes into my consciousness although her song "Bless the Beasts and the Children" (see below) was written in the third person ("Light their way", etc.) That's what Saint John's Wort flower essence is for—that and being better able to assimilate light as in cases where someone is overly sensitive to heat or sunlight or, conversely, light-deprived because of latitude or Seasonal Affective Disorder. It helps brings forward a feeling of being protected by the light within. We need light in our hearts in order to thrive.

I can make a custom flower essence spray or dropper bottle for you that includes Saint John's Wort.
I also have other products that can help a person with troubled thoughts: Renewed Faith & Optimism, Support for Troubled Times, Restful Sleep, to name just a few.

And, by the way, there is this spiritual counseling thing Paul and I do that can also help. We don't deal with clinical depression as we're not licensed clinical counselors but sometimes guidance from a spiritual perspective can make all the difference.

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