Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Spiritual Meaning of Finding Lady Slippers on Your Path

Lady Slippers on the Path, © Copyright 2014 Sheryl Karas
In the wild the Lady Slipper is a rare and increasingly endangered species. Its ecosystem and well-being being severely encroached upon by the modern world, it's amazing that we can actually still find them. They were rare when I was a child and had them pointed out to me on a science walk through the local woods. We were told to love them from a distance -- to never touch them or attempt to bring one home. They die when they are picked and are very difficult to cultivate except under very particular conditions.

It seems a fragile plant. It even takes a long time to bloom-- 16 years is not unheard of. And yet a plant that has found a protected spot in its preferred location can live 50 years! Only found in northern climates you are in for a surprise if you do happen to come across one. They are wonderful, large and beautiful orchids, rare to see anywhere outside of a hothouse environment.

In flower essence therapy Lady Slippers hold a special place in my heart. I use them in my Manifesting Life Purpose formula which happens to be one of my very favorites. The Lady Slipper -- the one used as a flower essence is called the Showy Lady Slipper -- is also known as The Queen. It calls to a person when they feel estranged from their higher purpose and inner authority. Pulled by the external expectations of the modern world, family conditioning, fear of criticism, concern about doing "the right thing," the desire to fit in, the desire to please, the Lady Slipper calls "You need me!"

The Lady Slipper helps a person integrate their spiritual purpose within the confines of their daily work. How do you find that protected place in your soul where you can express your highest callings despite the encroachment of the modern world and your desire to remain whole within it? So important to artists and sensitive types of all sorts, the Lady Slipper helps you find that safe place to regain your composure, your strength and inspiration, to hear the murmuring of your heart, your inner callings, despite the external noise and internalized messages from the world around. It helps calm sensitivity, helps counter anxiety and depression. It supports allowing yourself to both follow the dictates of your heart with keeping body and soul intact. To bring your fullest self to whatever you do, you are guided by this plant to walk the path with spiritual purpose and integrity.

You can find my Manifesting Life Purpose formulas (in scented oil, perfume and both scented and unscented sprays) in my Mama Love shop and in my Mama Love shop on Etsy.

The painting above is currently for sale as well. The original is 24" x 24", acrylic on deep heavy-duty canvas, ready to hang with the sides painted black. Contact me to discuss pricing. Small prints are available on Etsy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Buddha Christmas Tree Ornaments

We're amused by our choice in this ... but Buddhists who put up a Christmas Tree might appreciate having Buddha-full Christmas. So why not? Here are a few Buddha ornaments I made with my original artwork in our Zazzle shop. And you can find a large selection of others there as well.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Beautiful Timelapse Flower Photography

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Flower Essences for Pets

People have been experimenting with one of my newest products -- unscented flower essence formulas for pets! Based on them coming back for more I imagine they're pleased.

I find that flower essences can be even more effective with animals than with humans. No intellectual disbelief to get in the way. And no concern about a placebo effect either because they don't know what it's for.

My formulas for pets are all in spray form to make them the most versatile. You can spray their food (the easiest choice) or spray the area they sleep in. If you avoid their eyes and they like it you could even spray them or in the air around their bodies.

You'll find them in my Mama Love shop or on Etsy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wholesale Orders for Christmas!

Christmas is coming much earlier than usual. Both of my biggest wholesale customers stocked up this week (just in time for my birthday -- Happy Birthday to me!). Guess they're expecting an improvement in holiday sales in their stores this year. (Make it so! Visit The Phoenix Shop at Nepenthe in Big Sur and Radiance Herbs and Massage in Olympia, WA)

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Mama Love Support for Troubled Times Healing Perfume Balm

The reasons I particularly wanted to make Support for Troubled Times into a healing perfume balm are fourfold: 1) I love the idea of being able to give a wonderful healing gift to someone going through a hard time, 2) it's so easy to take with you in your purse, 3) it smells wonderful (it really should be perfume!), and 4) it works.

Also available on Etsy.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Why Nicotiana Flower Essence (Flowering Tobacco) for Restful Sleep?

Nicotiana Flower Essence is made from Nicotiana alata, flowering tobacco, which is a close relative of the tobacco we use for cigarettes in the United States (and is used for cigarettes in Iran). Flower Essence practitioners make use of it in formulas intended to help people quit smoking, and I didn't know about other uses when my internal guidance picked it out to be used in the formula I call Restful Sleep.

To make sense of this suggestion it is helpful to remember what Native Americans used tobacco for. Tobacco was thought to be one of the most sacred of plants. Smoking it was a deeply significant ritual, bridging the physical and spiritual dimensions of life. It was thought to bring the user deep into harmony with the healing energies of the Earth, like the roots of the tobacco plant itself. The fire was the energy of life, like the healing fire of the sun. And with the smoke, the energy of a person's prayers and intentions could reach the sky. Sharing the ritual with friends (and enemies) allowed this sense of communion to spread to all who participated. The intention of honoring the relationship between Heaven and Earth (to put it in more Christian terms) was a sacred trust and treaties enacted in this context were never to be broken.  It was a powerful tool for peace and treated as such.

In the context of a healing remedy for problems falling asleep, I'd have to tell you first how I feel when I use it. Deeply, deeply grounded. I feel like my energy gets rooted deep down, low into my body, and since my chronic tendency is to be mostly in my head this has a significant effect. It can be surprisingly calming and if some part of me tries to fight with this energy shift I'll feel nauseated, as if the conflict is a big mistake (and, of course, it is). Best to go with the feeling and off to bed.

This is true for my Restful Sleep formula with or without essential oils added, by the way. My unscented spray version is just as strong.

In terms of what Nicotiana is actually healing, I guess I'd have to say it's the tendency to be tough and just soldier on. We don't have the deep sense of prosperity those who felt deeply connected to the Earth could find by banding together and living in harmony with Nature and with each other. We live with a more mechanized existence, frequently dependent on hierarchical structures that can be exploitative and harsh. Don't fit in? Can't find a job? "Don't come crying to me" our news commentators, politicians and even certain kinds of clergy say. "We're not here to 'enable' people by helping them out. (This isn't an 'Indian' tribe.) It's a failing of your 'moral' character if you're struggling. Suck it up! And better yet," if you're a tobacco company executive, "Suck it in."

Abuse the medicine. Abuse yourself. Until 1975 the troops used to get cigarettes in their rations while they were serving and the image of troops enjoying a smoke while resting on the battlefield is so indelibly etched in the public's mind that young soldiers smoke tobacco more than the general population even if they have to buy it themselves. Numb yourself, carry on. But when they get home, they're not guaranteed a job. Numb yourself and carry on.

When Tobacco was used as a healing power for good, it wasn't just used for its temporarily peaceful effects. It was used with healing intent. It was used to soften the heart and allow feelings to flow so healthful choices (instead of choices made from a numbed perspective) could arise. Choices made for the good of all in the group, for instance. Choices made in alignment with what was good for the Earth, choices made for the good of all concerned. Inner peace comes from the ultimate healing of this disconnect.

And that's what Nicotiana flower essence (a healing infusion of tobacco flower used in homeopathically small doses) is used for. (There is no scientifically detectable amount of nicotine in my formulas, in case you were worried! It's more of an energetic type of effect.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Flower Essence-Enhanced Sugar Scrub!

Something new in my Etsy shop!

If you've ever used a sugar scrub you know how wonderful, soft and smooth they make your skin. It's an odd-sounding concept: rub a combination of sugar and oil all over your body? Who thought that up? But it's great! The sugar aids with exfoliation, the oils (I use coconut) leave your skin moisturized. They smell wonderful (even without anything added) and it feels great to pamper yourself.

I add flower essences and essential oils specifically selected to help you feel great about yourself. I mean, what do you want a sugar scrub for, right? To feel more beautiful! So why not add uplifting ingredients to help with that process?

Mama Love is unusual in this respect. There are very few (I only know one other) bodycare companies that even think to add flower essences to a sugar scrub. Sugar scrubs are "Bath and Beauty". Flower Essences are "alternative health". But what flower essences and essential oils do best is change how you feel on the emotional level and if what you most want to feel is better about yourself and how you look....

At the root of this is wanting to feel loveable so I add Holly flower essence to aid in the ability to feel loving about yourself. Pretty Face flower essence is for self-acceptance around physical appearance and for beauty that radiates from within. Pink Monkeyflower flower essence is added to counter any embarrassment or feelings of personal unworthiness when it comes to relationships with others. Pomegranate flower essence is for joyful expression of your female self. And the essential oils (Geranium, Rosewood, Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang) smell great and enhance feelings of attractiveness. The combination is luscious! And it's 100% organic.  It's the sugar scrub I use for myself and I highly recommend it!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Facebook and Net Neutrality -- There Isn't Any There

A number of years ago Facebook insisted that you had to have a Business Page if you were a business on their service. And that was going to be a great thing! Build your Fan base, promote your brand: Social networking is the way to go to sell your goods and services online and just about anything... including a bill of goods.

At first it did seem to be working and many tiny mom-and-pop-preneurs were reporting wonderful success starting a business from scratch without the need for very much upfront cash and outside investment. An excellent example of boot-strapping your way out of poverty in today's horrifying "post"-Recession economy.

But several months ago something more horrifying started to happen. Facebook stoppped showing most Business Page posts to the Fans unless the Page owner paid to have those posts promoted. Case in point, I have built a Fan base of 995 people so far. Unless I reshare it or pay to "Boost" a post, my typical update is shared with 10-12 people. Sometimes even fewer.

I've expressed my concern and "Well," people say,"That's not very nice but poor poverty-stricken Facebook 'deserves' to make money somehow, don't they?" Umm... yeah... but...

The business strategy promoted by Facebook and all those so-called internet business gurus was to use Business Pages to build relationships. And relationships build slowly over time, especially in the sound-bite little blips we post via social media. If you have to pay for every post that adds up FAST. And is SO far from cost effective it doesn't make sense for anyone to do at all.

I'm not just whining, I've been doing the math. Even when I pay for posts -- and I did that for several months to give it a real test -- I have very little interaction on my Business Page, very few increased clicks to my websites, and not a single sale. But when I reshare one of my Business posts to my personal Timeline -- and even better, if my partner Paul does that -- the interaction increases, the hits to our websites increase and sales go up. Not consistently, not stupendously well, but it works the way the gurus say it is supposed to work: through tiny increases in attention and interaction and information sharing over time. Which is not at all possible for a mom-and-pop-preneur if you have to pay to boost the real way we build relationships over the internet-- not with ads but through the over time accumulation of every personal status update, cat video, or fun social-oriented share.

So Facebook has now built its own fast and slow lane on its social network. When it comes to Net Neutrality on Facebook, there is none. The wealthy can pay to promote their goods and services -- you see it in your newsfeed and in the sidebar every day. The tiny mom and pops who would have just kept sharing news about their business ventures on their personal Timelines with their Friends are
being made invisible. All their hard work in building a Fan base (and Facebook's supposed business value) torn down practically overnight when they changed the way posts were shared.

By the way, don't believe Facebook when they say the lack of visibility is due to so many more people joining the social network. We small business owners saw our stats shift dramatically overnight and we have records to show when it occurred. But enough on that.

Facebook is a mega-corporation that was making billions of dollars already at the time this new approach was put into action. Their greed is driving this action, plain and simple. And if you want to know what the failure of securing Net Neutrality throughout the internet is sure to look like...  all you need to do is talk to a small business owner who was duped into making Facebook a base for their internet presence to know what's sure to be coming almost as soon as Comcast and other mega-corps we already know and hate wind up in charge.

The FCC is taking public commentary on this important issue. Go to Go to 14-28. Leave a comment. In particular say that you want "Internet service providers classified as common carriers." That means they won't be able to discriminate or charge different access fees to have fast and slow lanes of service. Sure, I know, some of you will want to say that they have a right to charge for better services. But then the equal playing field we've all had will disappear. And that equal access is what the internet is all about.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Mama Love for Releasing Worry and Fear Bath and Body Oil

Here's what I do almost every morning:

My skin is dry and showering strips away a person's natural oils so it gets even drier. So I always have a few bottles of my Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy oils on hand. I pour a little into my hand, rub both hands together and rub it into my skin.

I tend to go lightly -- just a little oil at a time. Who wants to feel like an oil slick? But then I use it like a body lotion or any skin oil -- all over or wherever my skin feels dry and tight.

But here's the difference with my Mama Love oils: if I choose ones I really need (instead of my favorite scents) they instantly make me feel better!

Next time you are feeling anxious or stressed, try an experiment. Rub some of my "Releasing Worry and Fear" up and down one leg. Just one. Then pause and notice the difference in your two legs. Amazing, right?!!

Then go ahead and do the other leg and rub oil wherever your body holds tension: your low back, glutes, shoulders, anywhere (or all over). Then go and have a better-feeling day!

If you want to be able to renew the feeling of your bath regimen later in the day carry my "Releasing Worry and Fear" triple strength healing balm in your purse. It makes a great perfume. Dab a little on the pulse points of your neck or wrists or, go ahead, dab a bit on your shoulders or low back as well. It can make a really significant difference.

If you sign up to be on my once monthly email newsletter list I will give you a coupon code worth 10% off that you can use for your entire order (including already discounted items) in my Etsy shop. (You need to get the code BEFORE you place an order though so you can type the code in when you check out.) Send me an email via Etsy asking to be on my list.

Friday, September 05, 2014

New Mama Love Special in my Etsy Shop

Buy five of my 1 oz flower essence aromatherapy formulas for $69.95. (That's a savings of $25!) Why? Because it's a great time to stock up for the holidays. Have a massage therapist on your list? Here's a great opportunity to give them a special set of oils to use in their practice. Love to use them for yourself? Perfect! Make it a gift for yourself. And if you sign up for my monthly email newsletter and include a message that says "Mama Love code" I will give you a coupon code worth an additional 10% off your entire order (including already discounted items).

And while you're in my Etsy shop take a look around! I'm experimenting with lots of new items right now.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Could Emotional Issues be Eating Away At Your Esophagus and Giving You Heartburn?

Interesting stuff happening at Mama Love's house! My partner Paul ran out of deodorant and grabbed some of my flower essence aromatherapy oils to use instead. I happened to have "Releasing Worry and Fear", "Abundant Prosperity" and "Restful Sleep" by the bathroom sink. And guess what happened? The chronic heartburn he has had to take medication for daily for 10 years disappeared. Overnight. He hasn't had to take any medication and it's been gone a whole week. And he's been drinking coffee, spicy food and the occasional beer-- all the foods he thought set his heartburn off -- without any problem.

I can't tell you those oils are a cure for anything physical -- Paul knows a worry related to prosperity was really bad at the time his heartburn problem started and ever since. What was amazing -- and completely unexpected --is for the health problem to clear up that fast without consciously deciding to work on the emotional aspects. 

Since then, of course, he's been so fascinated with how this might have worked that he has been looking at the previously hidden emotional piece and getting plenty of insight to make changes with. He says his heart feels opened up and that he's more emotional as a result... but that it's been totally worth it! I was starting to get really worried about him -- he would sometimes choke on his food because his esophagus was so tender and even woke up in the night choking with acid backed up into his throat. We're not talking about minor gas here. I had been starting to nag him to get medical help instead of just using over-the-counter medication. But it's not happening now and, as I said before, he hasn't taken any medication or changed his diet-- or actually changed anything else physical besides using my oils -- all week.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Healing Support for Depression

In the wake of Robin William's death many people on my Facebook list have been sharing personal struggles with depression. I started my Mama Love business when I was a counselor and I created my first formulas to help people with the most common struggles. Grief and loss, releasing worry and fear, and-- of course-- different kinds of depression topped the list. Mama Love is not a substitute for trained professional counseling but they can often help make a significant difference.

Renewed Faith and Optimism is one I recommend for depression. It's great for people who have been stopped in their tracks by discouragement, deep disappointment and emotional setbacks. You can buy it as a convenient flower essence aromatherapy spray, as an unscented flower essence spray, as an oil that is perfect for an uplifting massage (or as daily-use body oil), or as a healing balm that doubles as a wonderful smelling perfume.

And if trauma or grief is at fault, perhaps a challenging circumstance that you don't know whether you can handle, try Mama Love Support for Troubled Times. My original oil formula is the one that people loved so much it launched me into the business I have today. I recommend applying it two or three times a day until it's not needed. It also smells so great it just has to be tried as a healing perfume balm that you can take with you in your purse so it's easy to reapply often. Or as a scented spray or unscented flower essence spray. It is equally effective in any form.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Beauty and Importance of Mushrooms

A gorgeous clip from the documentary "Fantastic Fungi".

How to Use Flower Essences

I use several of Healing Herbs Bach flower remedies created by Julian Barnard in my Mama Love Flower Essence Products. He's a wonderful resource!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Mama Love Herb Tea Blends Are Coming!

The really fun part of the process -- creating herbal blends and trying them out on myself and my partner Paul has been going on all year. And now I have a set of recipes to get started with that I think are quite good. Many of the blends I plan to offer are for health and well-being but I also have had an interest in creating more robust and flavor-oriented blends to entice people who need to avoid caffeine but still want the enjoyment of a hot rich flavored cup of something yummy to drink.

Unfortunately, getting tea products ready for the market involves a lot of math! Measuring, remeasuring, multiplying the cost of each ingredient by the percentage in the blend. Forgetting to add in the cost of the container and having to do it again. Forgetting that the container should have a label and adding that in. Oh yeah, did I pay myself for my time? Add it all up and --- oh no! This is going to have to be high end gourmet tea! ummm.... should I put less in the container? Only 1 tsp per teabag? It turns out there's a reason everyone else does that. Will it still be good? I better try it. Yes, still good but it's going to have to steep longer. Okay, start again. What's the math now? And that's how most of my time has been spent the last several days.

But progress is being made! Herb teas are coming! Soon...

Everyday Specials on Flower Essence Sprays

I've added a bulk discount and gift set page to my Mama Love shop and to my shop on Etsy. The Buy Three, Get One Free option is a popular way to go. Just tell me which four Mama Love formulas you want me to package up for you at checkout.

The current choices include:

Abundant Prosperity
Attracting a Partner
Comfort and Joy
Doing New Things with Confidence
Focused Attention
Inner Strength and Protection
Manifesting Life Purpose
Open-Hearted Loving
Peace and Goodwill
Renewed Faith and Optimism
Releasing Worry and Fear
Restful Sleep
Soothing the Angry Heart
Support for Troubled Times
Trusting Inner Guidance

And all my Formulas for Pets, too!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Power of Spikenard

My Restful Sleep has Spikenard essential oil in it, the famous oil Mary Magdalene supposedly poured on Jesus' feet. So have you ever wondered why? I did and decided to put my Restful Sleep oil on my feet, especially the souls of my feet. WOW! Tremendously calming. You should try it!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Layering Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy Products Successfully

A question that sometimes comes up is "I'm not sure which Mama Love product to use. Can I use more than one at the same time?"

Yes! But, it will be easier for your energy system to integrate them more successfully if either you

1) separate the ones you use in time -- for example one formula in the morning and another a few hours later or
2) use similar ones at the same time.

There are some combinations that work particularly well if you find you have interlocking issues. For example, today I've been experiencing a great deal of tension as I'm working on new product pages for my website. Oh, the doubts and fears this Healer Mama has at times: will all this work be worth it? (That's the big one!) Am I making way too much work for myself? (Yes! I could be doing it with a happy attitude--then it wouldn't feel like work at all!) And what if people don't like my new products? omg, do I like my new products? I better try them again and see how I feel about it...again.

Yeah, there's a reason I got into doing flower essence aromatherapy work -- I need these products for myself!  :-)

The first product that came to mind for this set of issues was Doing New Things with Confidence Triple Strength Flower Essence Aromatherapy Balm. That's my go-to formula for times when I'm doubting myself and it's also a good one for adjusting my mindset to one of allowing more trial and error and fun. And it's one of the new products I was feeling insecure about. But when I opened my cabinet I also saw my latest Abundant Prosperity Balm as well. hmm. That one is also about lightening up -- they both even have the same Zinnia flower essence in them. But it addresses the second piece of my confidence issue: am I throwing my money and time away in making these new products at all? (As if I didn't already have more than half the ingredients I needed to make them on my shelves anyway. But, you know, that's how it's been at least inside my head.)

I put on the Doing New Things with Confidence. Nice! I like it. It feels good and I think it will be fine. And then I layered Abundant Prosperity right on top. The texture of that one is slightly different -- the essential oils in it don't react exactly the same way to being combined with beeswax (hence my insecurity). But wow, did those two smell good together and within minutes I felt myself get happy.

I feel good, da da da da da da da! (Cue James Brown here.) I think I'll get my website done, da da da da da da da! I'm dancing around the living room. I'm sitting in my chair writing a blog so I can tell everyone.

So yah, you can do that. It's gooood.

If you have questions about other combinations, just ask me!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Get Happy! With Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy

What happens when you're a little nervous about something you plan to do and you suddenly shift into feeling relaxed and looking forward to it more? I feel relieved, more confident, and... HAPPY! This is how I WANT to be!

I created my Doing New Things with Confidence formula when I wanted something that would help me stay focused yet relaxed so I could navigate safely in unfamiliar circumstances and enjoy the ride. I originally made it for myself when I was traveling for the first time in a different country and it worked wonderfully. Now I use it whenever I want to shift my resistance about doing new things to a relaxed but in-charge attitude of fun and adventure. It makes me feel happy!

I use it in oil form when I get out of the shower at the start of my day. But I especially like the spray for its convenience at other times and I'll soon have it available as a healing perfume balm (my original formula in triple strength semi-solid form). Check my perfume balm page at the end of the month (July 2014). You can also find it on Etsy.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happier Indoor Cats

Do you have a cat who used to go outdoors but is a shut-in now? Maybe you moved to a smaller place or you live on a busy street or want to keep your cat from terrorizing and killing the local birds. The cat in this product photo is my ex-husband's cat Chai and he has a tendency to get in fights. He's pretty protective of his backyard and woe to any animal who decides to visit. This was problematic enough when he was younger but now that he's older and heavier he winds up on the losing end of these battles more often than not. So to be fair to him, and to eliminate so many expensive vet bills, he's being kept inside now.

Cats who are used to roaming free get bored and depressed, if not a little cranky, when they have to adjust to being inside. So I created a flower essence formula just for them called "Happier Indoor Living." It's an unscented spray but you wouldn't typically spray it on them! (Cats don't typically like that.) You spray it on their food or in their environment. Unless, of course, they like being sprayed like my weird water-loving cat Chloe -- then feel free to go right ahead.

Oh, and if you're feeling a little shut-in yourself lately -- spray it on yourself, too! It brings out a feeling of playfulness and cheer. If you spray it in the room you and your cat like best, you'll both benefit.

You can find this spray in my Mama Love shop.
I also sell it on Etsy.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Making of Mama Love Triple Strength Flower Essence Aromatherapy Balms

I'm excited about my new line of flower essence aromatherapy balms. I'm enjoying them as perfumes because at triple strength they are definitely strong enough. But I'm making them for a variety of emotionally-healing purposes and my ingredients are infused with Reiki to make them even more effective. I'm deep into making them now and should have them up for sale really soon! If you're reading this blog by the end of July 2014 you'll find them on my Mama Love website here.

The process starts with getting everything set and ready to go. At this point I'm making eight at a time. I have my beeswax starting to melt on the stove and I've mixed my flower essences and essential oils with organic jojoba oil in a very scientific feeling beaker with a just cleaned and sterilized chopstick.
 Here's a close-up of my empty glass containers. All clean and shiny!
Now they are filled but not yet cooled.
After they are cool and hardened I put the caps on.
And here's the final product, labelled and ready to be placed in the box just behind it. I think the boxes came out cute! I've been printing the labels at home and wrapping my boxes by hand. Maybe I'll get them directly printed someday but for now it's all handmade!

Friday, July 11, 2014

You Rock! You Attractive Woman! Flower Essence Aromatherapy

Paul thinks I should change the name of Mama Love for Attracting a Partner formula to "You Rock!" because feeling good about yourself is what it's really for. The only partner I want is Paul but, lately, this is my favorite formula anyway. I use it every day when I get out of the shower and I've noticed that I've really changed how I feel about how I look and I'm just finding myself feeling better about myself in general. It's goooood!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Mama Love Has a New Website!

It's been a long and winding road but I finally got it done. You can read about the unexpected paths along the way (and the value of those in life in general) in our latest newsletter.

And come check out my new Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy website!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Buddha Pop Art with Patchwork Borders in Green, Purple, Red and Yellow

This is currently one of my favorites in my Buddha Pop series. I like the fun juxtaposition of colors. It reminds me of sari cloth from India. or a patchwork quilt. The piece is digital art combining one of my original photographs with painting and digital patterns and photomanipulation techniques. You can buy it on Etsy in several sizes.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Buddha Pop Art with Multi-colored Patchwork Quilt Borders in Pink and Blue

 My favorites in the Buddha Pop series so far are the square ones with multiple borders. Again, this draws heavily on my quilting background. I decided to add a detail to this blog post so you can see the painted face of the Buddha on a canvas texture layer. I also thought I'd share how this might look framed. It's available unframed on Etsy in several sizes.

Boycott Hobby Lobby!

It's rare that I'm so pissed off that I'll jump up and try to start a political movement. But today's Supreme Court decision shows us once again that we can't depend on justice through the court system. The court is stacked by men who have sworn, at least in secret, to promote corporate interests over the will of the people.  According to today's decision a company, no matter how large, that is still owned by a single family, can do whatever the hell they want? We have to fight back in the only language these companies understand -- with our wallets. Boycott Hobby Lobby and any company that discriminates against women.

Boycott Hobby Lobby
Boycott Hobby Lobby by paulnsheryl
Check out more Hobby T-Shirts at Zazzle

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Psychedelic Buddha Art in Purple, Magenta and Green

This version of the Buddha borders on the psychedelic. The piece is done by combining my own digital photography with a variety of digital painting, patterning and photomanipulation techniques. It's part of my Buddha Pop series on Etsy.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Buddha Pop Art in Magenta, Pink, Turquoise and Yellow

One of the things that surprised me when I put my first Buddha art on Etsy was that people seemed to favorite this color negative version better than the reverse. I like the added patchwork-style border. The piece combines digital photography, painting, digital patterns and manipulation.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Buddha Pop Art in Red, Green, Yellow and Orange

Another in the Buddha pop series. This piece combines digital photography with painting and a variety of photomanipulation techniques. All of the ones in this series draw on my love of patchwork quilts but for some reason this color combination evokes that influence the most for me. It's available on Etsy in several sizes.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Buddha Pop Art in Teal Green, Yellow and Red

I've been doing a series of Buddha artwork on and off for some time now. Buddha photos, Buddha paintings. Then I took some time out to learn a few things about how to create repeating patterns in Photoshop. And suddenly I'm back to the Buddhas, this time incorporating more digital techniques with both photography and painting. This is one of the ones I put on Etsy today: Buddha Pop in Teal Green, Yellow and Red.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Artist Designed Notebooks!

Featuring our art and photography.

Raven Feather Notebook
Raven Feather Notebook by paulnsheryl
View more Quill Notebooks at
Woodcut Zinnia Spiral Note Books
Woodcut Zinnia Spiral Note Books by paulnsheryl
Design notebook cover designs online at

Saturday, June 21, 2014

More Art Lamps!

Fun and creative lampshade designs now in our Zazzle shop featuring our original photography, paintings and digital art.

Magenta Abstract Modern Art Lampshade
Magenta Abstract Modern Art Lampshade by paulnsheryl
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