Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How's Your Attention?

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with way too many details. I'm not typically someone who comes across as having ADD or ADHD. I certainly have never had any cause to even be tested. But there are times when my attention flits from one thing to another. I call it Facebook syndrome because whenever I spend too much time online I feel like I can barely remember why I went on the internet at all! What was that thing I was trying to look up? Oh well, I'm sure it will come back to distract me as soon as I try to get something done!

Today I realized I had forgotten to restock my Focused Attention Flower Essence Aromatherapy formula. That figures. So that project got back on my list today. Oh! Another flitting thought: "Focused" is spelled correctly! People like to let me know it ought to be spelled "focussed." I appreciate your concern -- sometimes I spell it that way because I know so many people want me to -- but the proper spelling is either way. I'll probably change it permanently to appeal to public opinion but not until my current packaging is gone.

Oh yeah, why was I writing this blog again?

The subject of paying attention and why I probably ought to be using my Focused Attention formula for myself! Wait, what was that alert signal? Did someone "like" some post of mine on Facebook? I better get back to work and restock that formula now!

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