Sunday, January 19, 2014

Restocking with Confidence (Flower Essences and Aromatherapy)

I had a dream last night where I was new on the job as a designer at a magazine. It was my first day so I was spending most of the day gathering first impressions. My good friend Susan was starting that day, too, and she was nervous but I was feeling pretty confident that I could handle the job. But I wasn't sure yet that it would turn out to be a good place to be.

Another new employee —a guy I know as being pretty negative at school—expressed the opinion that he thought that the fact that we were redesigning the magazine to a smaller kind of unusual size might mean the magazine was in trouble. But the magazine was called "Inc. Magazine." There really is an Inc. Magazine and even in the dream I kind of knew they weren't likely to be going under any time real soon.

I was more concerned about the boss. Remember this is a dream if you're visiting from Inc.! I know nothing about this magazine in real life! But in my dream the boss walked into the room and he was a young guy with glasses wearing fairly casual clothes. He was very friendly, upbeat and a pretty awesome guy. He sat down at a computer and worked on the magazine in the same shared office space along with the rest of us after telling us about the office party coming next week with all sorts of wonderful gourmet treats! It seemed like this was going to be a pretty good fit.

In real life I am taking classes to update my skills in graphic design and adding new skills in multimedia while committing to working on and perhaps greatly expanding my own business. I'm in the experimentation stage right now but I'm hoping to create some new really good "gourmet" herbal offerings. I've been fretting about apparently going in more than one direction at once so I guess this dream was trying to inspire me to imagine a new career with what looks at first glance like it could have a very desirable outcome.

Which is what the flower essence aromatherapy formula I just restocked today is about. Doing New Things with Confidence is about going forth on your path with a steady grounded inner stability combined with an attitude of fun and adventure. Exactly the way you would want to feel on a new job. Or any time.

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