Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Renewed Faith and Optimism Flower Essence Formula

Tonight I was restocking my "Renewed Faith and Optimism" Flower Essence Spray and, as often happens, really felt that this was one I could use for myself. Not always -- just today. Because, you know, sometimes the long haul grind gets you down. You forget that it's about day to day -- not just the journey. And it starts to make you weary thinking about all you have to do and whether it will really wind up being worthwhile.

So since I had a bottle in my hand I decided to sample some for myself. And despite having used this formula in the past with nice results, I was surprised by how it felt this time around.

Flower essences don't affect you the same way every time you use them. Because they tend to balance you out in whatever way you are out of balance, the feelings may vary depending on what state you are in and how you got there.

Tonight, what I wanted to feel was uplifted. But what I felt instead was a feeling of grounded quiet calm. It took me a bit to identify the sensation but then it dawned on me: I felt patient. Patience is not a state one would typically associate with Sheryl Karas. I'm always striving to get things done and it's never fast enough. But that was the initial response I had to this formula -- a quiet patient calm.

And then, when I acknowledged that this was an acceptable state, a growing sense of happiness. When it was okay with me to be patient and to allow things to take the time they take—actually, to just be alright with the present moment—the present moment was alright again when it had not felt alright before. Kind of a Zen moment as I think about it now. Not overly focussed on the future and how that would turn out, I could just be in the present. And the present is fine. The present is pleasant, surrounded by my favorite smelling supplies, doing a small project for my business, doing something I like to do.

I would not have named this feeling "optimism" because I wasn't thinking about the future. And yet I was content in the present and feeling as I would want to feel, period. Faith? Again, I think of that as future-oriented, too. But yet, if I were to  feel as if this present pleasant feeling were to extend into my future, I'd have faith that it would feel pretty good and that's a way of defining optimism, too.

Renewed faith and optimism comes from being centered in the present moment. A good life lesson if I ever saw one.

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