Monday, March 24, 2014

A Few Resources for Family Caregiving

The subject of support for family caregiving has been coming up over and over again for me lately. This is not typical—at least not outside of my own family situation (we're doing some light but daily caregiving for Paul's father now). But I used to make my living as a Family Caregiving Consultant for the Alzheimer's Association and a Family Caregiving Resource Center, maintained a blog and wrote a book on the subject, and now I sell both flower essence only and flower essence aromatherapy formulas specifically useful for family caregivers. Here are a few links:

My book, "The Spiritual Journey of Family Caregiving"

My Blog about Family Caregiving (be sure to check the archives -- I don't write too much in it anymore)

"Inner Strength and Protection" spray was made especially for caregivers. 

 "Support for Troubled Times", "Releasing Worry and Fear", Restful Sleep", and "Soothing the Angry Heart" are all also possibilities

Sessions with me and Paul can also be arranged.

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