Sunday, March 09, 2014

Feeling More Attractive at Menopause (and Other Times)

I found a very interesting study about how we are programmed to find certain attributes attractive and how those perceptions can be changed. The link takes you to a short video that tells you all about it.

I've been thinking too much about attactiveness lately. The changes I've experienced at menopause are challenging.  I've been gaining weight and finding it harder to take it off. My hair seemed to go grey overnight and is so dry I've been afraid to color it. More wrinkles. There are days I go through teenage levels of self-image self-consiousness. But I do have a Mama Love formula that helps!

It has the unfortunately limiting name of "Attracting a Partner" formula! But it's not just for people wanting a new mate -- I have a good one! -- it's really for feeling attractive from the inside out.

You can find it on my Mama Love website as well as on Etsy.

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