Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy is Spiritually Guided and Reiki-Infused

Today I'm fretting -- yes, I fret -- about what to say on my Facebook page about my business. I get bored with promoting. I really, seriously, hate saying "Buy my stuff all the time! I want you to buy my stuff because, you know, I'm in a business but I am very well aware that not everybody knows or cares about flower essences! And supposed "spiritually-guided and Reiki-infused"? What the hell is that?!!!

A long long time ago -- I was in junior high or high school -- an art teacher of mine taught a summer class where we went into the woods close to my house and learned about edible and medicinal plants. He pointed out cattails and sassafras and wild blueberries and we studied them and drew them in our sketchbooks. I barely remember the art part because I was so fascinated with what he was saying about the plants! Later when I was sick with a chronic stomach problem that would not go away despite what western medicine would have me do, I turned to herbal remedies that did help and launched me into an almost lifelong obsession: Plants that heal! Medicine you can find in the woods or grow in your garden! And, because I really want mostly flowers in my garden, flowering plants that both look beautiful and heal! And smell good and taste good! How awesome is that?

(You may be wondering why I'm not selling flowering herbal teas. I actually will be late this year but more on that later. Back to the "spiritually-guided and Reiki-infused" part...)

Along the way I found my intuition becoming a much more important part of my life. Imagine that you are really sick—you can't keep hardly anything down but you know you have to eat. I'd stand in front of my open refrigerator wondering what to do. And then I noticed my stomach would clench if I looked at spaghetti sauce (I absolutely could not eat that) and relax if I looked potatoes. I learned that I could trust my gut (literally) and things changed.

Years later I learned that I could trust my inner guidance system for many more things than that. Some people use techniques like dowsing rods or a pendulum. I actually find myself attracted to plants and other things I need while my gut clenches and warns me away from others. While I always have been an intellectual (and still am) I combine my conventional book-learning and practical experimentation with this internal guidance system with every product I make.

And what about Reiki? lol, well, did I mention I'm a little obsessive? When I decided to go into what I thought of as a very unconventional field I wanted some "guarantee" my products would work for people. Of course, there is no guarantee. But I really wanted my products to be the most beneficial products I could make. So they're all organic (100% organic whenever possible but always, so far, at least 95%). I've tested the flower essence and essential oil combinations on myself and other people. And because I'm a Reiki Master I figured, what the heck, I'll fill my products with Reiki! That way people will get the benefit of healing energy whenever they use it. They may not believe in it but it works for me! So maybe it will work for you.

You can find my spiritually-guided and Reiki-infused flower essence aromatherapy products on my website or, if you prefer, on Etsy, too!

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