Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Love Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy Products!

Hee hee. I make them! But it's TRUE!

Every time I spray myself with Manifesting Life Purpose, for example, I feel an amazing and immediate energy shift! I need that particular formula a lot because I have what feels like so many available ways to achieve "life purpose" I frequently get overwhelmed with the choices. But as soon as I use this formula I feel so much more grounded and calm. I just feel like I can focus on the thing I most want to do.

And then there's Inner Strength and Protection. That one isn't one of my best sellers but, omg, it ought to be! At least for people in the healing arts, family caregivers, and others who find themselves taking on the worries and concerns of others too much. Are you in a relationship with someone going through a hard time? Find it hard to relax and be happy because you're thinking about them and their difficulties so much? Inner Strength and Protection spray literally pulls you back down into your core, to that place of inner safety and strength.

Really, any formula I feel like I really could use helps me so much I always think: other people need to experience this, too! This is amazing!

I have two shops on the internet right now. My personal shop and the one I have on Etsy.

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