Thursday, July 31, 2014

Layering Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy Products Successfully

A question that sometimes comes up is "I'm not sure which Mama Love product to use. Can I use more than one at the same time?"

Yes! But, it will be easier for your energy system to integrate them more successfully if either you

1) separate the ones you use in time -- for example one formula in the morning and another a few hours later or
2) use similar ones at the same time.

There are some combinations that work particularly well if you find you have interlocking issues. For example, today I've been experiencing a great deal of tension as I'm working on new product pages for my website. Oh, the doubts and fears this Healer Mama has at times: will all this work be worth it? (That's the big one!) Am I making way too much work for myself? (Yes! I could be doing it with a happy attitude--then it wouldn't feel like work at all!) And what if people don't like my new products? omg, do I like my new products? I better try them again and see how I feel about it...again.

Yeah, there's a reason I got into doing flower essence aromatherapy work -- I need these products for myself!  :-)

The first product that came to mind for this set of issues was Doing New Things with Confidence Triple Strength Flower Essence Aromatherapy Balm. That's my go-to formula for times when I'm doubting myself and it's also a good one for adjusting my mindset to one of allowing more trial and error and fun. And it's one of the new products I was feeling insecure about. But when I opened my cabinet I also saw my latest Abundant Prosperity Balm as well. hmm. That one is also about lightening up -- they both even have the same Zinnia flower essence in them. But it addresses the second piece of my confidence issue: am I throwing my money and time away in making these new products at all? (As if I didn't already have more than half the ingredients I needed to make them on my shelves anyway. But, you know, that's how it's been at least inside my head.)

I put on the Doing New Things with Confidence. Nice! I like it. It feels good and I think it will be fine. And then I layered Abundant Prosperity right on top. The texture of that one is slightly different -- the essential oils in it don't react exactly the same way to being combined with beeswax (hence my insecurity). But wow, did those two smell good together and within minutes I felt myself get happy.

I feel good, da da da da da da da! (Cue James Brown here.) I think I'll get my website done, da da da da da da da! I'm dancing around the living room. I'm sitting in my chair writing a blog so I can tell everyone.

So yah, you can do that. It's gooood.

If you have questions about other combinations, just ask me!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Get Happy! With Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy

What happens when you're a little nervous about something you plan to do and you suddenly shift into feeling relaxed and looking forward to it more? I feel relieved, more confident, and... HAPPY! This is how I WANT to be!

I created my Doing New Things with Confidence formula when I wanted something that would help me stay focused yet relaxed so I could navigate safely in unfamiliar circumstances and enjoy the ride. I originally made it for myself when I was traveling for the first time in a different country and it worked wonderfully. Now I use it whenever I want to shift my resistance about doing new things to a relaxed but in-charge attitude of fun and adventure. It makes me feel happy!

I use it in oil form when I get out of the shower at the start of my day. But I especially like the spray for its convenience at other times and I'll soon have it available as a healing perfume balm (my original formula in triple strength semi-solid form). Check my perfume balm page at the end of the month (July 2014). You can also find it on Etsy.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happier Indoor Cats

Do you have a cat who used to go outdoors but is a shut-in now? Maybe you moved to a smaller place or you live on a busy street or want to keep your cat from terrorizing and killing the local birds. The cat in this product photo is my ex-husband's cat Chai and he has a tendency to get in fights. He's pretty protective of his backyard and woe to any animal who decides to visit. This was problematic enough when he was younger but now that he's older and heavier he winds up on the losing end of these battles more often than not. So to be fair to him, and to eliminate so many expensive vet bills, he's being kept inside now.

Cats who are used to roaming free get bored and depressed, if not a little cranky, when they have to adjust to being inside. So I created a flower essence formula just for them called "Happier Indoor Living." It's an unscented spray but you wouldn't typically spray it on them! (Cats don't typically like that.) You spray it on their food or in their environment. Unless, of course, they like being sprayed like my weird water-loving cat Chloe -- then feel free to go right ahead.

Oh, and if you're feeling a little shut-in yourself lately -- spray it on yourself, too! It brings out a feeling of playfulness and cheer. If you spray it in the room you and your cat like best, you'll both benefit.

You can find this spray in my Mama Love shop.
I also sell it on Etsy.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Making of Mama Love Triple Strength Flower Essence Aromatherapy Balms

I'm excited about my new line of flower essence aromatherapy balms. I'm enjoying them as perfumes because at triple strength they are definitely strong enough. But I'm making them for a variety of emotionally-healing purposes and my ingredients are infused with Reiki to make them even more effective. I'm deep into making them now and should have them up for sale really soon! If you're reading this blog by the end of July 2014 you'll find them on my Mama Love website here.

The process starts with getting everything set and ready to go. At this point I'm making eight at a time. I have my beeswax starting to melt on the stove and I've mixed my flower essences and essential oils with organic jojoba oil in a very scientific feeling beaker with a just cleaned and sterilized chopstick.
 Here's a close-up of my empty glass containers. All clean and shiny!
Now they are filled but not yet cooled.
After they are cool and hardened I put the caps on.
And here's the final product, labelled and ready to be placed in the box just behind it. I think the boxes came out cute! I've been printing the labels at home and wrapping my boxes by hand. Maybe I'll get them directly printed someday but for now it's all handmade!

Friday, July 11, 2014

You Rock! You Attractive Woman! Flower Essence Aromatherapy

Paul thinks I should change the name of Mama Love for Attracting a Partner formula to "You Rock!" because feeling good about yourself is what it's really for. The only partner I want is Paul but, lately, this is my favorite formula anyway. I use it every day when I get out of the shower and I've noticed that I've really changed how I feel about how I look and I'm just finding myself feeling better about myself in general. It's goooood!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Mama Love Has a New Website!

It's been a long and winding road but I finally got it done. You can read about the unexpected paths along the way (and the value of those in life in general) in our latest newsletter.

And come check out my new Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy website!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Buddha Pop Art with Patchwork Borders in Green, Purple, Red and Yellow

This is currently one of my favorites in my Buddha Pop series. I like the fun juxtaposition of colors. It reminds me of sari cloth from India. or a patchwork quilt. The piece is digital art combining one of my original photographs with painting and digital patterns and photomanipulation techniques. You can buy it on Etsy in several sizes.