Monday, July 21, 2014

Get Happy! With Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy

What happens when you're a little nervous about something you plan to do and you suddenly shift into feeling relaxed and looking forward to it more? I feel relieved, more confident, and... HAPPY! This is how I WANT to be!

I created my Doing New Things with Confidence formula when I wanted something that would help me stay focused yet relaxed so I could navigate safely in unfamiliar circumstances and enjoy the ride. I originally made it for myself when I was traveling for the first time in a different country and it worked wonderfully. Now I use it whenever I want to shift my resistance about doing new things to a relaxed but in-charge attitude of fun and adventure. It makes me feel happy!

I use it in oil form when I get out of the shower at the start of my day. But I especially like the spray for its convenience at other times and I'll soon have it available as a healing perfume balm (my original formula in triple strength semi-solid form). Check my perfume balm page at the end of the month (July 2014). You can also find it on Etsy.

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