Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happier Indoor Cats

Do you have a cat who used to go outdoors but is a shut-in now? Maybe you moved to a smaller place or you live on a busy street or want to keep your cat from terrorizing and killing the local birds. The cat in this product photo is my ex-husband's cat Chai and he has a tendency to get in fights. He's pretty protective of his backyard and woe to any animal who decides to visit. This was problematic enough when he was younger but now that he's older and heavier he winds up on the losing end of these battles more often than not. So to be fair to him, and to eliminate so many expensive vet bills, he's being kept inside now.

Cats who are used to roaming free get bored and depressed, if not a little cranky, when they have to adjust to being inside. So I created a flower essence formula just for them called "Happier Indoor Living." It's an unscented spray but you wouldn't typically spray it on them! (Cats don't typically like that.) You spray it on their food or in their environment. Unless, of course, they like being sprayed like my weird water-loving cat Chloe -- then feel free to go right ahead.

Oh, and if you're feeling a little shut-in yourself lately -- spray it on yourself, too! It brings out a feeling of playfulness and cheer. If you spray it in the room you and your cat like best, you'll both benefit.

You can find this spray in my Mama Love shop.
I also sell it on Etsy.

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