Monday, August 18, 2014

Could Emotional Issues be Eating Away At Your Esophagus and Giving You Heartburn?

Interesting stuff happening at Mama Love's house! My partner Paul ran out of deodorant and grabbed some of my flower essence aromatherapy oils to use instead. I happened to have "Releasing Worry and Fear", "Abundant Prosperity" and "Restful Sleep" by the bathroom sink. And guess what happened? The chronic heartburn he has had to take medication for daily for 10 years disappeared. Overnight. He hasn't had to take any medication and it's been gone a whole week. And he's been drinking coffee, spicy food and the occasional beer-- all the foods he thought set his heartburn off -- without any problem.

I can't tell you those oils are a cure for anything physical -- Paul knows a worry related to prosperity was really bad at the time his heartburn problem started and ever since. What was amazing -- and completely unexpected --is for the health problem to clear up that fast without consciously deciding to work on the emotional aspects. 

Since then, of course, he's been so fascinated with how this might have worked that he has been looking at the previously hidden emotional piece and getting plenty of insight to make changes with. He says his heart feels opened up and that he's more emotional as a result... but that it's been totally worth it! I was starting to get really worried about him -- he would sometimes choke on his food because his esophagus was so tender and even woke up in the night choking with acid backed up into his throat. We're not talking about minor gas here. I had been starting to nag him to get medical help instead of just using over-the-counter medication. But it's not happening now and, as I said before, he hasn't taken any medication or changed his diet-- or actually changed anything else physical besides using my oils -- all week.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Healing Support for Depression

In the wake of Robin William's death many people on my Facebook list have been sharing personal struggles with depression. I started my Mama Love business when I was a counselor and I created my first formulas to help people with the most common struggles. Grief and loss, releasing worry and fear, and-- of course-- different kinds of depression topped the list. Mama Love is not a substitute for trained professional counseling but they can often help make a significant difference.

Renewed Faith and Optimism is one I recommend for depression. It's great for people who have been stopped in their tracks by discouragement, deep disappointment and emotional setbacks. You can buy it as a convenient flower essence aromatherapy spray, as an unscented flower essence spray, as an oil that is perfect for an uplifting massage (or as daily-use body oil), or as a healing balm that doubles as a wonderful smelling perfume.

And if trauma or grief is at fault, perhaps a challenging circumstance that you don't know whether you can handle, try Mama Love Support for Troubled Times. My original oil formula is the one that people loved so much it launched me into the business I have today. I recommend applying it two or three times a day until it's not needed. It also smells so great it just has to be tried as a healing perfume balm that you can take with you in your purse so it's easy to reapply often. Or as a scented spray or unscented flower essence spray. It is equally effective in any form.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Beauty and Importance of Mushrooms

A gorgeous clip from the documentary "Fantastic Fungi".

How to Use Flower Essences

I use several of Healing Herbs Bach flower remedies created by Julian Barnard in my Mama Love Flower Essence Products. He's a wonderful resource!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Mama Love Herb Tea Blends Are Coming!

The really fun part of the process -- creating herbal blends and trying them out on myself and my partner Paul has been going on all year. And now I have a set of recipes to get started with that I think are quite good. Many of the blends I plan to offer are for health and well-being but I also have had an interest in creating more robust and flavor-oriented blends to entice people who need to avoid caffeine but still want the enjoyment of a hot rich flavored cup of something yummy to drink.

Unfortunately, getting tea products ready for the market involves a lot of math! Measuring, remeasuring, multiplying the cost of each ingredient by the percentage in the blend. Forgetting to add in the cost of the container and having to do it again. Forgetting that the container should have a label and adding that in. Oh yeah, did I pay myself for my time? Add it all up and --- oh no! This is going to have to be high end gourmet tea! ummm.... should I put less in the container? Only 1 tsp per teabag? It turns out there's a reason everyone else does that. Will it still be good? I better try it. Yes, still good but it's going to have to steep longer. Okay, start again. What's the math now? And that's how most of my time has been spent the last several days.

But progress is being made! Herb teas are coming! Soon...

Everyday Specials on Flower Essence Sprays

I've added a bulk discount and gift set page to my Mama Love shop and to my shop on Etsy. The Buy Three, Get One Free option is a popular way to go. Just tell me which four Mama Love formulas you want me to package up for you at checkout.

The current choices include:

Abundant Prosperity
Attracting a Partner
Comfort and Joy
Doing New Things with Confidence
Focused Attention
Inner Strength and Protection
Manifesting Life Purpose
Open-Hearted Loving
Peace and Goodwill
Renewed Faith and Optimism
Releasing Worry and Fear
Restful Sleep
Soothing the Angry Heart
Support for Troubled Times
Trusting Inner Guidance

And all my Formulas for Pets, too!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

The Power of Spikenard

My Restful Sleep has Spikenard essential oil in it, the famous oil Mary Magdalene supposedly poured on Jesus' feet. So have you ever wondered why? I did and decided to put my Restful Sleep oil on my feet, especially the souls of my feet. WOW! Tremendously calming. You should try it!