Monday, August 18, 2014

Could Emotional Issues be Eating Away At Your Esophagus and Giving You Heartburn?

Interesting stuff happening at Mama Love's house! My partner Paul ran out of deodorant and grabbed some of my flower essence aromatherapy oils to use instead. I happened to have "Releasing Worry and Fear", "Abundant Prosperity" and "Restful Sleep" by the bathroom sink. And guess what happened? The chronic heartburn he has had to take medication for daily for 10 years disappeared. Overnight. He hasn't had to take any medication and it's been gone a whole week. And he's been drinking coffee, spicy food and the occasional beer-- all the foods he thought set his heartburn off -- without any problem.

I can't tell you those oils are a cure for anything physical -- Paul knows a worry related to prosperity was really bad at the time his heartburn problem started and ever since. What was amazing -- and completely unexpected --is for the health problem to clear up that fast without consciously deciding to work on the emotional aspects. 

Since then, of course, he's been so fascinated with how this might have worked that he has been looking at the previously hidden emotional piece and getting plenty of insight to make changes with. He says his heart feels opened up and that he's more emotional as a result... but that it's been totally worth it! I was starting to get really worried about him -- he would sometimes choke on his food because his esophagus was so tender and even woke up in the night choking with acid backed up into his throat. We're not talking about minor gas here. I had been starting to nag him to get medical help instead of just using over-the-counter medication. But it's not happening now and, as I said before, he hasn't taken any medication or changed his diet-- or actually changed anything else physical besides using my oils -- all week.

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