Thursday, August 14, 2014

Healing Support for Depression

In the wake of Robin William's death many people on my Facebook list have been sharing personal struggles with depression. I started my Mama Love business when I was a counselor and I created my first formulas to help people with the most common struggles. Grief and loss, releasing worry and fear, and-- of course-- different kinds of depression topped the list. Mama Love is not a substitute for trained professional counseling but they can often help make a significant difference.

Renewed Faith and Optimism is one I recommend for depression. It's great for people who have been stopped in their tracks by discouragement, deep disappointment and emotional setbacks. You can buy it as a convenient flower essence aromatherapy spray, as an unscented flower essence spray, as an oil that is perfect for an uplifting massage (or as daily-use body oil), or as a healing balm that doubles as a wonderful smelling perfume.

And if trauma or grief is at fault, perhaps a challenging circumstance that you don't know whether you can handle, try Mama Love Support for Troubled Times. My original oil formula is the one that people loved so much it launched me into the business I have today. I recommend applying it two or three times a day until it's not needed. It also smells so great it just has to be tried as a healing perfume balm that you can take with you in your purse so it's easy to reapply often. Or as a scented spray or unscented flower essence spray. It is equally effective in any form.

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