Monday, August 11, 2014

Mama Love Herb Tea Blends Are Coming!

The really fun part of the process -- creating herbal blends and trying them out on myself and my partner Paul has been going on all year. And now I have a set of recipes to get started with that I think are quite good. Many of the blends I plan to offer are for health and well-being but I also have had an interest in creating more robust and flavor-oriented blends to entice people who need to avoid caffeine but still want the enjoyment of a hot rich flavored cup of something yummy to drink.

Unfortunately, getting tea products ready for the market involves a lot of math! Measuring, remeasuring, multiplying the cost of each ingredient by the percentage in the blend. Forgetting to add in the cost of the container and having to do it again. Forgetting that the container should have a label and adding that in. Oh yeah, did I pay myself for my time? Add it all up and --- oh no! This is going to have to be high end gourmet tea! ummm.... should I put less in the container? Only 1 tsp per teabag? It turns out there's a reason everyone else does that. Will it still be good? I better try it. Yes, still good but it's going to have to steep longer. Okay, start again. What's the math now? And that's how most of my time has been spent the last several days.

But progress is being made! Herb teas are coming! Soon...

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