Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Mama Love for Releasing Worry and Fear Bath and Body Oil

Here's what I do almost every morning:

My skin is dry and showering strips away a person's natural oils so it gets even drier. So I always have a few bottles of my Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy oils on hand. I pour a little into my hand, rub both hands together and rub it into my skin.

I tend to go lightly -- just a little oil at a time. Who wants to feel like an oil slick? But then I use it like a body lotion or any skin oil -- all over or wherever my skin feels dry and tight.

But here's the difference with my Mama Love oils: if I choose ones I really need (instead of my favorite scents) they instantly make me feel better!

Next time you are feeling anxious or stressed, try an experiment. Rub some of my "Releasing Worry and Fear" up and down one leg. Just one. Then pause and notice the difference in your two legs. Amazing, right?!!

Then go ahead and do the other leg and rub oil wherever your body holds tension: your low back, glutes, shoulders, anywhere (or all over). Then go and have a better-feeling day!

If you want to be able to renew the feeling of your bath regimen later in the day carry my "Releasing Worry and Fear" triple strength healing balm in your purse. It makes a great perfume. Dab a little on the pulse points of your neck or wrists or, go ahead, dab a bit on your shoulders or low back as well. It can make a really significant difference.

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