Sunday, October 19, 2014

Flower Essences for Pets

People have been experimenting with one of my newest products -- unscented flower essence formulas for pets! Based on them coming back for more I imagine they're pleased.

I find that flower essences can be even more effective with animals than with humans. No intellectual disbelief to get in the way. And no concern about a placebo effect either because they don't know what it's for.

My formulas for pets are all in spray form to make them the most versatile. You can spray their food (the easiest choice) or spray the area they sleep in. If you avoid their eyes and they like it you could even spray them or in the air around their bodies.

You'll find them in my Mama Love shop or on Etsy.


santa jerry said...

Nice seeing a 'younger' Chai and Chloe; who are the other two?

Sheryl Karas said...

The dog and horse are animals Paul and I met on walks and had a chance to photograph.