Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Spiritual Meaning of Finding Lady Slippers on Your Path

Lady Slippers on the Path, © Copyright 2014 Sheryl Karas
In the wild the Lady Slipper is a rare and increasingly endangered species. Its ecosystem and well-being being severely encroached upon by the modern world, it's amazing that we can actually still find them. They were rare when I was a child and had them pointed out to me on a science walk through the local woods. We were told to love them from a distance -- to never touch them or attempt to bring one home. They die when they are picked and are very difficult to cultivate except under very particular conditions.

It seems a fragile plant. It even takes a long time to bloom-- 16 years is not unheard of. And yet a plant that has found a protected spot in its preferred location can live 50 years! Only found in northern climates you are in for a surprise if you do happen to come across one. They are wonderful, large and beautiful orchids, rare to see anywhere outside of a hothouse environment.

In flower essence therapy Lady Slippers hold a special place in my heart. I use them in my Manifesting Life Purpose formula which happens to be one of my very favorites. The Lady Slipper -- the one used as a flower essence is called the Showy Lady Slipper -- is also known as The Queen. It calls to a person when they feel estranged from their higher purpose and inner authority. Pulled by the external expectations of the modern world, family conditioning, fear of criticism, concern about doing "the right thing," the desire to fit in, the desire to please, the Lady Slipper calls "You need me!"

The Lady Slipper helps a person integrate their spiritual purpose within the confines of their daily work. How do you find that protected place in your soul where you can express your highest callings despite the encroachment of the modern world and your desire to remain whole within it? So important to artists and sensitive types of all sorts, the Lady Slipper helps you find that safe place to regain your composure, your strength and inspiration, to hear the murmuring of your heart, your inner callings, despite the external noise and internalized messages from the world around. It helps calm sensitivity, helps counter anxiety and depression. It supports allowing yourself to both follow the dictates of your heart with keeping body and soul intact. To bring your fullest self to whatever you do, you are guided by this plant to walk the path with spiritual purpose and integrity.

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