Friday, January 30, 2015

Feeling Stressed?

If you are looking for a relaxing potion to add to your bath water to help you let go and get a good night's sleep.. Or a wonderful smelling balm to soothe your heart, mind and spirit throughout the day... you've come to the right place.

Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy products are made to do just that. I use only the highest quality all-natural certified organic ingredients and infuse them with Reiki to make them the most beneficial products I can make. I make them by hand; I use them myself. And I have products for all kinds of stress. Let's look at a few I think of first.

First, WHY are you stressed?

Are you REALLY worried about something? It's not specific -- it's everything! A situation that's really challenging or perhaps a long-standing habit? You're not alone! Releasing Worry and Fear is the MOST popular formula on my list. Join the club: oils, sprays or perfume balm.
Can't sleep? Add my Restful Sleep formula to your routine! Most popular are the oils that can be used for massage or added to your bath. The mid-sized bottle is probably most popular and it's the one I most prefer myself. But the healing balm is nice to keep by your bedside or bring in your suitcase when you're out of town. Put some on the soles of your feet for best effect as well as anywhere else you like.

Have you gone through a truly devastating event? The loss of close loved one, a divorce, a trauma of some sort? This is more than "stress" really. It's more like how to pick up the pieces and carry on so my Support for Troubled Times formula is the one to use. In oil, spray or balm. (I think the balm would make a great gift.)

Lacking confidence? That's a pretty significant source of stress. Especially if you have to try something new or something you haven't had much success at before. Try my Doing New Things with Confidence formulas. Oil, Spray or Perfume Balm.

Angry? Soothing the Angry Heart is a favorite. Oil, Spray or Perfume Balm.

Having a hard time setting boundaries? Perhaps you're family caregiving or dealing with codependency issues. Inner Strength and Protection can help. I like the spray best but the oils and balm are favorites for many people on my list.

Worried about money? Wish you could have a lighter point of view about prosperity and what it means? Try my Abundant Prosperity oils, sprays and perfume balms.

Actually, there are so many sources of stress, I'd have to go through every product on my list! But this will be a good start. And yes, you can use more than one at a time!

Buy three dram-sized oils, get one free.

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