Sunday, January 25, 2015

Flower Essence Aromatherapy Support for Soothing Anger

I'm deep into my semi-annual massive restocking project for Mama Love! Tonight I filled up on Doing New Things with Confidence and Soothing the Angry Heart, two formulas I have never felt the need to use together...but tonight I realized I could use it.

Doing New Things with Confidence is pretty much my go-to formula for so many purposes. Sure, doing new things, right? But there are plenty of times when I'm not really tackling something I've never done before; I'm trying again on something I've never succeeded with. Or perhaps, picking up the pieces again after a fall.

And that's where Soothing the Angry Heart comes in for me right now. As I've been refilling my bottles I found myself fretting and growling a bit about the challenges and disappointments of last year. None of which I really need to go into in public but suffice it to say that multiple possibilities I tried to run with ran into massive brick walls. So, yeah, I need more than ever to summon the strength and willingness to set my sights on another direction and deal with my frustration so it stops getting in my way.

Use my formulas separately or use them together! Get creative.

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