Friday, January 16, 2015

Herbal Tea Experiment For Stress

Today's tea experiment was meant to relieve stress and stress-related headache. I've been working too hard. Not so much externally (although I have been getting a lot more products put up on Etsy and that takes time and effort). But no, it's been more an issue of inner processing and stress.

Usually I would use a flower essence formula for that -- flower essences are kind of my thing. But before flower essences came into my life I was into herbal medicine. And since I've been adding nothing but herbal products to my shop lately I thought I'd check my guidance and see what I might be led to for this. Here's the recipe (for a teapot full):

2 tsp Chamomile blossoms
1/2-1 scant tsp Honeysuckle blossoms
1/2 tsp dried Orange Peel
1/4- 1/2 tsp Hibiscus flowers (tart--add to taste)
1 Star Anise star. 

Steep at least 10 minutes. Add honey or other sweetener if desired.

Tasty! And I notice now that I'm writing it down that it actually was a mostly floral tea. I decided to take the rest of the day off and just relax and enjoy drinking it.

My results? Pretty good! I feel A LOT better after a day off, just hanging out in a cuddly blanket with my teapot. All that was missing was a cat! But I did get to relax with Paul instead. The headache is gone and I didn't take any drugs. Hard to say how much the tea did versus just having a day off. I'll say that DECIDING to address this was what really did the trick. And making the tea was the first step. Once it was done all I wanted to do today was drink it.

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