Sunday, January 11, 2015

Overstock Sale on Twist-Lug (Twist-top) Tins

 I LOVE these tins! They are so perfect for all kinds of stuff and would be really great for decorating and making your own awesome gifts.  But I don't need them for what I wanted them for anymore and it's time to get them to you (or someone you know who'd love some).

They feature what is called a "twist-lug" lid - which is a fancy way of doing a screw top that looks a lot nicer and avoids the problem of the lids falling off as is the case with many other tins of this size and shape. The top is also great for decorating or for easily centering a label. With their high quality satin finish, they really are the very best of this kind I was able to find!

Want some? The tins available are 8 oz in fluid ounces and hold about 1/2 cup of dry material. I sell them 6 at a time. The smaller size ones shown in the photo are now gone.

Great for storing or packaging herbs, tea, buttons, beads, all kinds of stuff!

Buy them in my Etsy shop!

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