Saturday, July 18, 2015

More Releasing Worry and Fear Healing Balm is Available

A few weeks ago I announced that I was planning to discontinue my flower essence aromatherapy healing perfume balms. They were too pricey at triple strength my original formulas. And too time-consuming to make.

So I marked them down considerably and there was a great rush to buy them. My best-selling formula "Releasing Worry and Fear" sold out right away. Great for me but very sad news for one of my regular customers.

She wrote to me privately and said that, while she liked the other versions of this product, nothing helped her terrible anxiety like this healing balm. Tug, tug at Mama Love's heart. Especially since I knew I still had a stash of empty boxes and jars left.

So I made another batch. And I will do one more after that. By the time that runs out, I'll have a new triple strength product for sale. (I happen to like the stronger version myself.) But right now I have some more of these balms available -- at their new lower price -- until they are gone.

Find them in my Etsy shop!

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