Wednesday, July 22, 2015

NEW!!! Triple Strength Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy in Roller Bottles

It's real perfume! Triple strength Mama Love was actually my original intention: a healing product for emotional and spiritual well-being that you could use as if it was perfume.

But I tended to be overly sensitive to a variety of things when I started my Mama Love business. So my original formulas were made to strict aromatherapy standards for most people to use as extensively as they want to. You could use it for a full body massage or pour it into your bath! And I—and a number of other people—used it as a light perfume, too. Not strong enough for true perfume lovers, but pretty nice.

But I always wanted real perfume. So now, finally, I have that, too. Used like perfume—a dab on your neck and wrists, maybe on a chakra point of your choice—it is still safe for most people. But you'll enjoy the scent a fair bit longer, and—unless you use my original formula as a full body massage or bath oil—you'll likely enjoy stronger effects.

Organic, Reiki-infused, and designed with intention for your highest well-being, Support for Troubled Times is one of the first ones I've made available in my shop. Triple strength versions of my other formulas will follow soon. You'll find them in the Perfume section.

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