Friday, July 24, 2015

Should I Use Mama Love Regular Strength or Triple Strength?

Triple Strength Mama Love for Restful Sleep
Regular Strength Mama Love for Restful Sleep
For the longest time, I only made Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy Oils to strict aromatherapy standards for most people to make use of as extensively as you'd like. You could use it as massage oil, pour it into your bath, use it as an after-bath body oil, or even as a very light perfume. You could put my smallest size in your purse and use the larger size as a more economical alternative at home. And it was safe enough for most people most of the time—something my customers concerned about sensitivity could appreciate. (And that included me!)

But lately I've been introducing triple strength formulas. Surely, that can't be considered aromatherapy-safe, is it?

Well, you should not use my triple strength formulas for a massage—the amount of essential oils in that product is really too much for a full body massage. And the safe-for-massage standard is what aromatherapy guidelines tend to be based on.

But some people wish my formulas smelled stronger! They want to use them as perfume because they smell so good. And I always envisioned them being used as "healing perfume." You dab a little behind your ears or on your neck, maybe on your wrists or on a chakra point or two. Smelling good makes healing fun!

Using perfume for healing purposes is not a new concept. The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used it for emotional and spiritual purposes as well as for seduction or just covering for poor hygiene. They used a carrier oil, as I do, and varied the dilution according to the purpose. Aromatherapy-safe massage, body and bath oils are used extensively over a large body area. You have to be concerned about overloading the body, and a heavy dose of essential oils isn't really necessary when you are using a product in that way. Perfumes, however, are meant to be used sparingly so people prefer a product like that to be made strong.

My triple strength formulas are a safe -- I'd call it conservative -- perfume strength. About 10% dilution, safe enough for most people to use as perfume would typically be used. Perfect for certain formulas I want to use as I go about my day. I can take a small jar or roller bottle with me in my purse and make use of it as I wish.

But there are times when I actually prefer my original regular strength formulas. Take Restful Sleep, for example. A dab or two or three of Triple Strength is great. But if I'm going through a particularly stressful time that is keeping me up at night, I like to pour a little original strength into my hands and rub it on the soles of my feet and all the way up my legs and lower back. I'll put a little more on my solar plexus and maybe on my upper back and neck. And, basically, that's a fair bit more product than the intent behind "healing perfume."

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