Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What Type of Product -- Spray, Oil or Perfume -- Should I Use?

From the email bag:

"I'm just wondering if you can tell me what the differences are between your healing oils, room/body sprays and perfumes/balms? Or is it simply just preference?"

I love it when a customer is curious enough to ask questions like this! Here was my answer:

Thanks for asking!

There are a few differences and, yes, there is an issue of people's preference that I'm addressing as well. The healing oils were my first products-- still the ones I use most for myself. They are safe enough to use for a massage or for a body oil after a bath or as a very light perfume-like product 2-3 times a day. Which I think is important for therapeutic effects.

But most people do not think of those original strength oils as being strong enough for perfume. And many people confuse therapeutic aromatherapy with perfume. So I would get those complaints... which I resisted giving in to for many years. But I recently discovered that I like a few of my products extra strong for use as a healing perfume myself. They smell like perfume and that was intentional. And if you only use a few dabs here and there -- as you would with a perfume -- they are safe enough for most people most of the time. And a few of my customers totally swear by the perfume balms and say that nothing works as well as that for anxiety and other purposes.

The sprays, though, are a little different. This might stretch your belief system but many people (including myself) find that energy healing works especially effectively in the aura that surrounds a person's body. My flower essence aromatherapy products are all Reiki-infused. So using the sprays around your body seems to address things subtly better. My personal experience is that certain ones (Inner Strength & Protection, for example) work tremendously better that way. 

I use the sprays particularly for their convenience -- especially if I want to change the feeling in a room. I use the oils if I want to use them extensively like a body oil or for a massage. I use a dab or two of the perfumes if I don't.

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