Sunday, August 30, 2015

More Fun with Using Printmaking for Product Design

© 2015 Sheryl Karas
In my printmaking class last semester I had a lot of fun combining printmaking techniques. Monoprint was a favorite. That involves painting with ink on glass and then, for me, wiping designs into the ink with my fingers or scratching designs in the ink with a variety of tools. We also learned how to make collographs which involves making a printing plate using a variety of three dimensional objects.

In this piece I did all of that, then scanned it into the computer and added more effects. I loved the idea of using this for textiles and I might make fabric like this. But for now I'm using outside manufacturers to make products with my designs.

Some of my first items are available on Etsy now. I have pillows and duvet covers, mugs and totebags in addition to framed and unframed prints for sale. They are all made when you order them so please allow extra time for the items to be made and shipped to you.
Buy this pillow in my Etsy Shop
The pillows would look great with this duvet cover!

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