Friday, January 22, 2016

Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy is now in Roller Bottles!

Did I announce that I'm offering my Mama Love oil formulas in convenient roller bottles now? I'm sure I did because I was SO excited that my small bottles no longer spill when tipped over!

BUT I often can't get the roller balls into the bottles and when I do it hurts my hands. So every time a customer orders one I'm miserable. And that means I never mention that I offer them anymore.

But that has now changed... for the better!  I just got this silly little lever gadget designed to make it easier.  It's kind of ridiculous, honestly, because the holes are not large enough for the bottles I use. I have to hold them in place with my fingers. But it doesn't matter -- it is still WAY easy! Now I can offer these without feeling bad every time anyone orders one! Hooray!

You'll find these roller bottles as an option when you buy any of the dram sized bottles tied to cards in my Etsy shop. Just choose the 2nd option which is for a slightly larger 5 ml roller bottle when you make your choices. And then enjoy using your Mama Love in a great new way! I also use this style bottle for my triple strength formulas which are perfume strength. Smelling good makes healing fun, right? That's always been the idea behind Mama Love.

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