Monday, February 29, 2016

Flower Essences for Abundant Prosperity Can Sometimes Have Unexpected Effects!

Tonight I was restocking my "Abundant Prosperity" flower essence aromatherapy spray and decided to spray some on myself. I've made this formula for 13 years, have used it often for myself, and think I ought to know what to expect! I sprayed myself specifically because I wanted to feel lifted up.

Well imagine my surprise when I suddenly felt my energy shift down instead of up.... but down in a good way. I had been feeling angry and frustrated about an exchange I had with someone on Facebook. (SOMEBODY'S WRONG ON THE INTERNET!!! Yes, I admit it, I am occasionally susceptible to getting upset about that.) After I sprayed myself, I instantly felt more grounded and calm. Not happier and uplifted but less knocked off my apple cart. In fact, I felt like "So what? Somebody said something mean-spirited about Bernie Sanders? Am I going to spend all night being upset about that? No, I am not."

Paul posted something on his Facebook page today about having improved his ability to suffer fools -- not gladly but he's happy for any improvement he can get. And that's exactly what that spray of "Abundant Prosperity" did for me. I'm not glad about the interaction but what's done is done and I can't take on the project of monitoring the entire internet for mean-spirited comments!

Abundant Prosperity means a lot of things. Feeling fortunate, like you have enough, like you're going to be okay, like there's plenty of positive opportunities and help all around. Lots of love, too. And tranquility. No need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps all the time anymore. No need to fight.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Flower Essences -- As Seen in Vogue Magazine!

Photographed by Colin Dodgson, Vogue, May 2015
According to an article in a recent Vogue Magazine, flower essences are the latest "fashion craze"! Well, I never heard that before...but it sounds good to me! The article then goes on to discuss the author's great experiences with them and her belief that it might be nothing more than a placebo effect (but that might be a GOOD thing.)

Well, okay. But I know it is NOT necessarily a placebo effect because, if it was, why would it work so well on pets?

My very first successful experiences came many years ago when a vet prescribed them for my cat Chloe. They worked instantly and the effect progressed and became much more effective over time, transforming a terrified animal who would run from touching to one who would allow it in seconds. IN SECONDS! And then over the course of a week she started to cuddle up to me in bed. Over the course of a month she was a changed animal and over years she became a world class affection-hound! :-) (We loved that Chloe--we miss her!)

Mama Love has been making flower essence products by hand mixed with aromatherapy (smelling good makes healing fun!) since 2003. And I have flower essence only sprays in my shop as well. Infused with Reiki, to be the most beneficial product I can make!