Sunday, May 15, 2016

Love and Aromatherapy with Flower Essences

A customer asks: what is the difference between my Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy "Attracting a Partner" formula and the one I call "Open-Hearted Loving"?

I reread how I described each of them and understood why she might be confused. They DO have some similar qualities. But they are very different so let me address that here.

"Attracting a Partner" was mostly designed with the idea of helping single women who feel shy and, perhaps, not attractive enough feel better about themselves. It’s for meeting someone new. (But I later discovered it helps if you feel unattractive even in a relationship. I started using it again at menopause when I gained weight and my hair got a lot more grey. It helped me feel more positive about my looks.) I think of it as “Love in Springtime,” for attracting new relationships… or for feeling youthful in your heart.

"Open-Hearted Loving" has some similar qualities but I designed it for people who already have a relationship. The original idea was to design a true aphrodisiac. And, as an American I thought that was about feeling more sexual. But it isn’t. The original purpose of an aphrodisiac was about love. I think of it as more mature love, not about youthful attraction, because it is not about attracting a partner, it’s about loving a partner more completely. And my customers tell me it is also about love in general — loving yourself, loving the world. It’s an interesting formula for me because it is the one Mama Love formula that I think is the MOST like a very special perfume—it’s my favorite scent! But also because this is one of those formulas I learned something from. I always dowse for what flower essence and essential oils would be most appropriate. I asked for a "true aphrodisiac" and this is what I got! Try it as a massage oil with someone you love!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Why Use Unscented Mama Love?

Renewed Faith and Optimism
My Mama Love products, based first on Flower Essence Therapy with essential oils chosen to match, started out as a scented product line. On purpose! I love wonderful-smelling things! But today I reached for one of my unscented ones and thought that I ought to share more about that. After all, they work really well without any scent at all--I felt the powerful grounding effects of this one right away!

Renewed Faith & Optimism is perfect for people who have been coping with a discouraged state of mind and I love the Rose scent with a touch of Cinnamon. But my partner Paul definitely does not! The potent qualities of Cinnamon make him sneeze so to be kind to him I chose the unscented kind.

Another powerful formula that gives people pause scentwise is my Inner Strength & Protection formula. If you love the scent of Patchouli and it brings back pleasant memories of your hippie days, you'll love the scented version! But if, like some people have told me, you hate the scent of Patchouli or you need to be conscious about wearing scented products of any kind where you work, go for the unscented! I designed this formula for people who need to keep appropriate boundaries to be able to help others effectively. Care providers often need to be conscious of their patients in regards to scent. This is the perfect product for the job and I have found it to be amazingly effective!

Fans of Flower Essence Therapy, of course, won't find anything I've said here surprising. The original Bach Flower Remedies had no scent at all. But I most want to reach out to long time Mama Love users who decided to try it because of the aromatherapy aspect and might not believe it could work without it. Try it! You might be pleasantly surprised.