Sunday, May 15, 2016

Love and Aromatherapy with Flower Essences

A customer asks: what is the difference between my Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy "Attracting a Partner" formula and the one I call "Open-Hearted Loving"?

I reread how I described each of them and understood why she might be confused. They DO have some similar qualities. But they are very different so let me address that here.

"Attracting a Partner" was mostly designed with the idea of helping single women who feel shy and, perhaps, not attractive enough feel better about themselves. It’s for meeting someone new. (But I later discovered it helps if you feel unattractive even in a relationship. I started using it again at menopause when I gained weight and my hair got a lot more grey. It helped me feel more positive about my looks.) I think of it as “Love in Springtime,” for attracting new relationships… or for feeling youthful in your heart.

"Open-Hearted Loving" has some similar qualities but I designed it for people who already have a relationship. The original idea was to design a true aphrodisiac. And, as an American I thought that was about feeling more sexual. But it isn’t. The original purpose of an aphrodisiac was about love. I think of it as more mature love, not about youthful attraction, because it is not about attracting a partner, it’s about loving a partner more completely. And my customers tell me it is also about love in general — loving yourself, loving the world. It’s an interesting formula for me because it is the one Mama Love formula that I think is the MOST like a very special perfume—it’s my favorite scent! But also because this is one of those formulas I learned something from. I always dowse for what flower essence and essential oils would be most appropriate. I asked for a "true aphrodisiac" and this is what I got! Try it as a massage oil with someone you love!

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