Sunday, June 26, 2016

4th Chakra Healing and More About the Open Heart Experiment

Yesterday I started to share a bit about an experiment I'm doing with my Open-Hearted Loving formula. As the day went on I used it 3 times and found myself surprised and marveling at how unusually relaxed I felt. My shoulders started to relax and my upper chest and back started to feel better. I did not expect this effect!

So I chatted with my partner Paul to get his insight. He thought that opening the heart would be deeply relaxing because it takes a psychic toll on a person to close themselves off from people or, perhaps, to be sitting in judgment of other people and the state of the world. Me?!! Well... I have been experiencing a lot of righteous anger about things this election season.

But not only that, I've been carrying  a lot of grief and anger about some heartfelt desires/needs I have felt thwarted in these past few years. Lots of closed doors, lots of despair and disappointment. And most definitely harsh judgement about what those closed doors mean about the people who kept them closed or about me. Easier to try to close a heart down than to keep thinking about those closed doors and the things you think you can't have anymore! Heart's desires, the dreams a person might have had growing up or throughout one's life, hitting up against hard cold brutal reality.

But that's not what this formula is all about! Or is it?

It's supposed to be about love! But the 4th chakra  -- the heart chakra -- is not just about love of others. It is about heart's desires and how we create our happiest life. It's about our true calling, our childhood dreams, our adult fantasies, and what we believe about our deservingness to have it. It's about how we become our true selves. And whether that self can accept the true love available to each of us from the world around. Not just lovers but heart-felt dreams and desires. The despair we have felt about lost dreams, and concerns and fears about trying again and possibly losing more, manifests as bunched up muscles and pain. And then there are the mistakes we make along the way: the false dreams we create to take the place of forgotten ones or perhaps to heal the fact that we know we gave up on that. Healing this area can help us heal the larger agendas for our lives. The true callings of our heart and how to get there.

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