Thursday, June 16, 2016

Clearing Negativity, Spiritual Cleansing, Smoke-less Smudge

How has the 2016 election cycle been treating you? If you're like me and most of the people writing to me, perhaps you're feeling a little angry, terrified, freaked out! I'm tempted to go into a rant here now...but no, I'm going to spray myself with my newest product and chill out.

BRAND NEW from Mama Love! This product has been requested before but --- you can thank Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for this -- I finally had to do enough personal research to decide to put it out. (You know, I test my products before I release them!)

Soo... this product finally had to be made because spiritually-oriented Mama Love was not feeling able to reach for a spiritual perspective. I kept telling myself to meditate but I was extremely resistant: "Don't tell me to sit down and be quiet! We have to speak up! We have to DO something!" Okay, you get the picture, me and 100s of thousands of people like me! And maybe we do need to be willing to fight for what we believe in...but let's do it from the positive viewpoint of what we intend to accomplish, not a freaked out one based on what we fear or hate.

This formula was originally based on the idea behind the Native American practice of smudging with burning Sage to cleanse negative influences away before sacred ceremonies. It was also influenced by the ancient Greco-Roman and early Christian choice to use Frankincense and Myrrh for similar purposes. I use Sage flower essence in both my scented and unscented sprays and Frankincense and Myrrh along with sustainably harvested Sandalwood in the scented ones.

But I also add Lotus flower essence for a more spiritual perspective balanced with compassion for our fellow human beings and Angelica to feel closer to spirit and spiritual protection. I find it very grounding at first. And then I no longer feel the desire to obsessively scroll through Facebook reading every political post I see. In fact, I shun it and find myself putting my attention on positive things I know I can make a difference about! (My work, my health, my relationships, enjoying the present.) This does not mean I haven't chosen to do anything political since then--on the contrary. But it's not from a place of despair.

You can find my scented Clearing Negativity spray and my unscented version in my Etsy shop now. I plan to add them to my personal website later today.

Oil versions and triple strength oils are coming soon (I have to get the packaging printed.)

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