Saturday, June 25, 2016

Open Your Heart to Yourself!

I've been having some significant pain in my shoulders and neck and upper arm for a long time--starting years ago and slowly progressing until now I can't ignore it any longer. Today -- in addition to the Tiger Balm and conventional NSAID pain relievers I usually don't like to take -- I was guided to spray some of my Open-Hearted Loving flower essence aromatherapy formula on myself.

I thought "Why? I don't need that one!" I think I have a great partner. I love the smell of this formula -- it's my favorite scent! But I never identify it with myself.

But, omg, am I wrong! One spritz on my mid-back and one on my chest and I knew better. I felt my chest and mid-upper back release and soften. I suddenly wanted to run into the bedroom where Paul was still asleep and give him a kiss. And I found myself wondering "WTH is up with this?!!!"

I'm still puzzling it out but some insights: I have a tendency to feel alone, like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. This is a chronic thing from childhood. Add to that the "political revolution" I am SO steeped in and what it represents to me (the good and the bad of it -- I both love and fear what it means). And my own struggles with trying to bring Mama Love to market despite my lifelong tendency to want to hide my introvert-like self away and not sell it in-person at all. I feel like I need to force myself to do the opposite these days and it's not very loving to myself at all. At least not in excess -- a little stretching and growing and changing is good for the soul!

So I'm sitting here with my shoulders more relaxed than I have felt in weeks, just astonished about what this means for me and for anyone else going through similar states of being. And HOW do I share it in a meaningful helpful way? Well, I guess I'll hit "Publish" as a start and see what else I learn about this magical-feeling formula for me today.

Open-Hearted Loving is available as a scented or unscented spray, as an oil, and as a triple strength balm (just a few left!) or triple strength (perfume strength) oil.

On my Mama Love website.
And in my Mama Love Organics shop on Etsy.

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