Wednesday, July 13, 2016

My Current Favorite Mama Love Products!

Okay, to be honest, that depends on when you ask me -- I use my own products and love so many of them! Mama Love Support for Troubled Times certainly is a favorite, Releasing Worry & Fear (almost everybody's favorite!) and certainly Open-Hearted Loving with its combination of Rose, Jasmine, Lemon and Neroli! But as a Jasmine and Clary Sage lover, nothing I make makes me say "OMG, that smells so amazing!" like my Manifesting Life Purpose flower essence aromatherapy spray. Other ones smell great, too, but this one simply blows me away. And it makes me feel happy every time I make some. (Maybe because flower essences are part of my life purpose? Or because I just love things that smell so good!)

If you're finding this post in July 2016, I'm having a sale right now. Use the coupon code JULYSALE at check-out and you'll get 30% off your entire order! 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Mama Love has a Christmas in July Sale!

Mama Love rarely does a sale so jump on this one: it's CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!

Use the coupon code JULYSALE and get 30% off your entire order in my Etsy shop.

Good for everything currently available in my shop on Etsy only: Reiki-infused flower essence aromatherapy oils and sprays, unscented Reiki-infused flower essence sprays, organic herb tea ingredients, and packaged herb tea.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

How to use Flower Essence Aromatherapy Sprays from Mama Love

I get this question very often and am in the long process of changing over my labels to make it more clear: "Should I spray your flower essence aromatherapy formulas directly on my skin or in the air around my body?"

Both! I do it that way at least. The sprays are at true aromatherapy dilution to be safe for almost all people (unless you're allergic to a certain ingredient or should not be using scented products at all). Of course, DO NOT spray it in your mouth--it's only meant for external use!

What I like best about the sprays is

1) The convenient approach -- no getting oils on your hands, just spritz, spritz, done!

2) The ability to use it specifically in the aura and not just on the body level. (Remember: these are potent energetically with Reiki and flower essences. Take advantage of it!)

You'll find the scented sprays on my Mama Love website.
And in my Etsy shop!