Sunday, August 21, 2016

Introducing Flower and Spirit Natural Botanical Perfume

If you've visited this blog before, you probably know by now that I've made healing potions for emotional and spiritual well-being for many years. They're all natural, almost entirely organic, infused with Reiki, and made with the highest quality flower essences and wonderful smelling essential oils, sustainably sourced as much as possible. But as time has gone by I've longed for something more: real perfume and affordable natural luxuries that just don't fit the cute Healer Mama Love look and feel.

So I've opened a new shop on Etsy (Mama Love has a shop on Etsy, too!) and I'm calling it Flower & Spirit.

Here's the story I'm using for my shop announcement:
The Story of Aphrodite and Hygeia
Aphrodite was the goddess of art, beauty, and love. Flowers grew where she walked and perfume was her delight. Her best friend was the potion-maker Hygiea, the goddess of emotional well-being and health. Hygeia's world-renowned elixers could lift you up if you were blue ( But Aphrodite could take that state of well-being and raise it to the sublime. Flower & Spirit is inspired by Aphrodite. Ethereal flower essences combine with natural botanical essential oils, absolutes and extracts to envelop your senses, delight your spirit, and help you rest in the sweetness of life.

Come visit! It's work in progress. Right now I have nine deluxe perfumes, samples and sample sets but I have many more things to come!

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