Monday, August 29, 2016

Moxie Deluxe Organic Botanical Perfume with Flower Essences

Moxie is another perfume in my new Flower & Spirit shop that came out of my work with Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy. In my last post I talked about how the perfume Sanctuary came from my choice to mix two of my Mama Love formulas together: Mama Love for Troubled Times and Releasing Worry and Fear.  Moxie was developed the same way, but that was actually the result of a very fortunate but weird mistake!

It was late at night and I was tired and should not have been doing it at all, but I just wanted to get one more Mama Love formula done for the night. I neglected to put the bottle of Focused Attention I had just made away and it has a blue label almost the same as the color I use for Doing New Things with Confidence. So, sure enough, one went into the other and I had a bottle of something I was sure I could never sell. . . but could not bear to throw away.

A few weeks later I was starting school and wasn't feeling very confident about my classes and my ability to stay focused on what I needed to do (long story) but I realized I had a Mama Love formula for that very thing now! So I tried it and it was helpful. Not only that, I loved the way it smelled—better than either of the two alone. So I made it available on Etsy. I'm almost out of it in my Mama Love shop but you might find it there if you're reading my blog close to the time I'm writing this. Soon it became one of the most popular choices in my shop—maybe because it was marked down as a mistake but people also praised it as something they really liked!

So... amp up the concentration of ingredients to full parfum strength, and that's Moxie!

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