Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Abundant Prosperity Flower Essence Formula

I am FINALLY getting around to adding conventional flower essence formulas to my shops! Don't ask why but I didn't conceive of my business model as providing traditional Bach style flower remedies. All my formulas were originally combined with essential oils to make topical flower essence oils and sprays.

But I use my formulas often enough as conventional flower remedies! So today I start adding them to my shops. The first -- because it starts with the letter "A" -- is Mama Love for Abundant Prosperity. It contains North American flower essences, the flower power of Zinnia, California Peony, Iris, and Madia. It is for releasing stuck energy in the second and first chakras and cultivating feelings of joy, safety, prosperity, and abundance while promoting the creative inspiration and disciplined focus to go after your heart's desire. I like it because it helps you lighten up, relax and manifest from a place of comfort and positive expectation.

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