Monday, September 05, 2016

Healing with Flower Essences (The Bach Flower Remedies)

Poppy by Georgia O'Keefe
When I first started to make flower essence aromatherapy products, I intended to bring the emotional healing I had experienced using my formulas to others—my first formula, to be specific, Mama Love Support for Troubled Times. But healing has multiple levels. I not only wanted a product that was like a healing potion, it was important to me and MY well-being that it be wonderful to use. Medicine for the soul, reviving to the spirit! So I added essential oils to go along with the healing intent AND to make them smell like a delightful perfume! (Now I actually make full-strength flower essence and essential oil perfume, too.)

Oddly, while I used to write about flower essence healing on this blog all the time, more recently I've gotten off track, so let's remedy that. The flower essence-based products I make are ALL made with healing intent. They're even infused with Reiki to make them the most beneficial products I can make. And while I can't say that a specific choice of flower essence(s) will provide healing of any specific physical condition, I know without a doubt, that I have healed myself of many physical complaints by addressing emotional issues alone (frequently using flower essences and Reiki along the way). And the idea of addressing the emotional along with the physical makes a lot of sense from the most scientific perspective—research from the field of psychoneuroimmunology is providing obvious evidence of that!

One of the best ways to heal emotional issues is to take a good look at the chronic thoughts and mental patterns you might be expressing in your life. Your thoughts are so influential on how you feel! But let's take this even further: your beliefs are what become your thoughts. If you believe there is no hope for you, that you just have to soldier on despite there being no actual jail and no warden harboring the key, then you've made your own jail. Your beliefs become a destiny with all the emotional and potential physical consequences involved.

The person most often credited with the discovery of flower essences was Dr. Edward Bach. In modern times, he is certainly the person who was most involved with their investigation and development as a system of medical healing. But he originally could not choose between a religious calling and a medical career, and if you read his books it is very obvious that he considered his Bach Flower Remedies to be both a medically-significant therapy AND a spiritual one. Keep in mind that Bach was an immunologist who was already well-known for creating several vaccines. But he was also a doctor who worked with patients and, through that experience, he became so convinced of the important connection between chronic emotional states and physical well-being that he switched to creating homeopathic remedies using some of his previous research. But Dr. Bach was also led by his spiritual callings. He said that he believed that disease results ultimately from disconnection from our Higher purpose and from the voice of our innermost Divinity.

Every one of Bach's flower remedies was meant to address a particular state of disconnection—from apathy (Wild Rose) to despair (Sweet Chestnut), from deep soul-crushing fatigue (Olive) and loneliness (Heather) to overzealous proselytizing (Vervain) and over-involvement in the affairs of others (Vine). He had 38 different flower remedies that he used, but now there are hundreds of others. I use the entire Bach flower and North American (FES) repertoire in the work that I do.

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