Monday, September 12, 2016

Indian Pink for Calm Focus in an Overstimulating World

Indian Pink Flower Essence © 2015 Sheryl Karas
It is so unusual for me to do a formula that I don't need myself most of the time that sometimes I forget to tell people about them!

For example, I just restocked my supply of Calm Focus and realized that I haven't really given this formula much of an introduction. I tend to organize my life so I have multiple projects that I am working on at once but I only need to focus on one thing at a time. I like focussing on one thing at a time. The way I juggle my work is to focus on one project, jump to another, focus on that, and then "give myself a break" by going to something else. It's what I do best. When I need help "focusing" it's usually because I've gotten stuck, discouraged and need to address the source of my flagging motivation. I created a formula called Focused Attention because it's what I needed to get my work done—more energy and enthusiasm.

But most people with attention problems tell me that more energy isn't what they need at all! Whereas I use multiple tasks to enjoy variety in what is typically a calmly focussed life, they need to calm down so they can focus at all! They tell me that their attention is pulled away from what they are doing way too easily and the last thing they need is MORE excitement and energy. Being addicted to that is actually part of the issue! Indian Pink is the flower essence that I was guided to include for them.

People who need Indian Pink flower essence are actually overly attracted to doing too many things at once. They like it! And they get used to their attention flitting from one thing to the next. In my youth we used to call this the MTV jump cut style of attention. MTV innovated music video that used so many multiple jump cuts that you couldn't—weren't supposed to—focus on a continuous thread. The idea was to keep you moving along with the energetic punk and New Wave music that was so popular at the time. Let me repeat: this was NEW in the 1980s. But since that time, jump cut editing became the norm and the pace of our lives speeded up tremendously at the same time.

People get addicted to multiple things happening at a fast pace from childhood now. And that's fun until things spin out of control and you forget how to return to center. Add in a chaotic, pressure-filled environment, such as we've come to expect in a lot of workplaces these days, and that adds to the problem even more. Multi-tasking is now a job requirement in a lot of places—you better be someone who can handle multiple interruptions and juggling multiple projects at once these days! If you can't find a way to remain centered and focused under these circumstances—if instead you feel emotionally volatile, anxious, irritable, and easily frustrated—you need Indian Pink.  Ultimately, this way of life depletes your energy and can make you tired and sick. By returning to center and operating from that place, you focus on the task at hand. And if you get interrupted, you take a short moment to make a note of where you are so you can go back and find your place, and then focus on the task now at hand. Calm with the ability to stay organized. Calm Focus.

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